Last night’s shoot-out in Boston must have brought as much joy to the Kremlin as it has dampened the spirits of  the White House.  Thrilled with the announcement that the primary suspects in the Boston Marathon Massacre were white, anti-American leftists were hoping for the big score, another Tim McVeigh to prove that Tea Partiers and Militiamen are violent terrorists.

Alas, it was not to be.  The revelation that the suspects are, in fact, Chechen must be a real blow to Barney Frank, Harry Reid, and all the other enemies of what is left of American liberty.

Some newscasters are still holding out, however.  This morning on NPR Steve Inskeep and David Greene kept on reminding listeners that we don’t know anything about the identity or motives of the brothers.  We cannot assume that they are Chechen nationalists or even Muslims, since the region is so ethnically complex. Really?  Find me a Russian Orthodox Chechen.  The small Christian minority in the region has mostly been eliminated during the conflicts, and the cause of Chechen separatism has come to be completely identified with Islamism. Poor Inskeep made the mistake of interviewing Matt Rojansky, a competent expert from the Carnegie Endowment, who very diplomatically made mincemeat out of NPR’s attempted whitewash.


As the day goes on, all the organs of the Anti-American left, from Voice of America to the American Islamist are crying out against any rush to judgment.  Just because the young men are Chechen Muslims does not mean they have a political or religious motivation.

 To gain a little perspective on this, look at the father’s statements.  His first response was to declare the boys innocent angels, next he said they were being framed by the US government, he finally added that if the younger son is killed, he will regard it as murder.  In that case, he opined, Americans can expect all hell to break loose.  Another rational Muslim, without any knowledge, is threatening violent death to anyone in America if something happens to his homicidal son.  He cannot even manage a pretense to sanity.

In recent years the Obama administration has given up the attempt to leverage Russian crackdown on Chechnya against the Putin regime, but US diplomats have been playing a dangerous game, condemning terrorism in Chechnya while giving support to the progress of  democracy and to the aspirations of the Chechen people.  In this way, we can always portray the more violent separatists as Islamic terrorists while at the same time deploring the hard line taken by the Russian government.

This instance of Chechen terrorism in the United States falls into a familiar pattern.  Bosnian Muslims, Kosovo Albanians, and now Chechens, far from being grateful for American support for their cause–Bosnia and Kosova would not exist except for US military intervention–see Americans through the single lens of Islam.  We could give each group trillions of American dollars, and they would still hate us.

The mere fact that we let such people into our country is all the proof you need to realize that the rulers of this regime, Republicans as well as Democrats, hate the American people.

Good afternoon, Mr. Putin.  Have a nice day.