After reading Aaron D. Wolf’s “Prince of Darkness” (Heresies, January) I can see that the author knows very little about Muslims.  In every Islamic country, the strong rule.  That is what the caliphate was and will always be.  The rulers are and will always be ruthless.  They follow their prophet in this regard.  If you look at history you will see that, if the present ruler of Saudi Arabia is overthrown, the next ruler will be much more brutal.  He will surely follow the example of ISIS.

We must make pacts with those who will help us further our agenda.  Our agenda is to protect the people of the United States.  One of our great mistakes was not taking sides with Assad in Syria.  He could have been our “guy” instead of Russia’s “guy.”  Muslims are the way they are because they are Muslims.  We need allies, and we must choose those who can be beneficial to us.

Let us not try to make them Western, because Islam is not Western.  It is what darkens the hearts of the people.

        —Rodney Mullikin
via email

Mr. Wolf Replies:

I’m confident I agree with Mr. Mullikin on many things here presented.  Islam indeed is not Western.  It is a syncretistic religion dreamed up by a delusional pedophilic/ephebophiliac Arab thug, with the apparent purpose of making Muhammad the lord of all he surveyed, including slave women.  That it endures as a “monotheistic” religion is a testament to fallen man’s capacity to seek justification for his base desires, by making an idol of them and then turning around and demanding that everyone else “submit” to that idol.  This noxious weed sprouted in the sands of the Arabian Peninsula and has spread worldwide among peoples who desire the sort of discipline and order that leaves them feeling superior to their neighbors, whose throats they have just cut.  We “Westerners” have our own version of it in liberalism, our most successful attempt at paganizing Christianity, which—like Islam—evangelizes via the sword.  That the two were destined to converge in “Chrislam” was prophesied by Chesterton, who did not live to witness Prince Charles longing to be “defender of faith(s)” or U.S. presidents wishing Christ-haters a Happy Ramadan.

We live in the world liberalism created, with its Declaration of Human Rights, multinational corporations, and peace-keeping missions—all butted up against the simmering cauldron of insurgent Islam in all of its 39 flavors.  The landscape of the liberal world comprises the false spectrum of left and right, with “democratically elected” politicians playing tug of war over which “values” the dominant power will impose on the rest of the world’s benighted.  Muslims of every stripe will always be eager to render evil for evil, especially whenever and wherever they are counted among the merit-badge projects of the West.

My goal, and the goal of this magazine generally, is to try to strip away the liberal cant that Americans are spoon-fed by the left and the right, so that we might hear ancient and traditional voices warning us of the inevitable outcome of our actions and encouraging us to live according to the natural order.  We need to revivify our imaginations and envision an America that is capable of being content to mind her own business and let the Islamic world sort itself out—while keeping that world out of our own backyards.  One way I’d hoped to reach this goal is by pointing out the simple realities of the Saudi regime and Prince MbS.

We need not have a master plan for the nations of the world—or the planet, for that matter.  We need to speak truth and do right in the choices immediately facing us, within the bounds of our habitation.  When faced with the question of whether or not to sell billions in arms to an Arab thug on the other side of the world who is bombing civilians into (his brand of) “submission” and hoping to send a message to his equally odious existential rivals, I think the choice is easy.