The only thing worse than a leftist  screaming “racist” and “hater” because he doesn’t like the facts — oft coming from a conservative source — is a conservative screaming the same thing for much the same reason: facts coming from a liberal source.

The latest on this front hit last week, when Vice President Biden uttered yet another “racist” remark, this time for committing the crime of what Steve Sailer calls “noticing.”

In this case, Biden noticed that lots of Somalis drive cabs. Said the VP, “If you ever come to the train station with me, you’ll notice that I have great relationships with them because there’s an awful lot of them driving cabs and are friends of mine. For real. I’m not being solicitous. I’m being serious.”

John Nolte, who toils for’s Big Journalism website, averred that Biden “has an ugly history of racist comments,” among them truthful observations that Indians — meaning Bombay Indians, not Apaches or Comanches — are big in the convenience store business — just as “The Simpsons” has been telling us for 25 years. “You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent,” Biden joked in 2008. That one caused a stir, too — Apu notwithstanding —  much to the delight of conservatives who want to hoist liberals on the petard of their own “racism.”

Conservatives rightly complain that the leftist media give their own a pass on such remarks, but savage conservatives who say the same things. True, perhaps, but that’s beside the point. The media are wrong when they call conservatives racist for saying such things, and they would be just as wrong for saying liberals are racist for saying the same things.

Amusingly, Biden was wrong about the number of Somalis in Delaware, The Washington Post’s fact checker reported, but that’s irrelevant. When he uttered his remark, he landed in hot water because conservatives thought he was right; that is, they nailed him for noticing.

Another case occurred in October, when’s Big Government website was up in arms because Charles Stewart, an egghead at MIT, testified for the Obama Administration in its legal war against North Carolina’s Voter ID law.

Among other things, he retailed “racist” stereotypes, J. Christian Adams suggested in his piece for the website, using the leftist tactic of scare quotes. Stewart said that blacks “tend to be less sophisticated voters” who are “less attuned to public affairs.” Imagine that.

According to Breitbart, “Stewart was also asked, ‘and you are saying that unsophisticated voters have more trouble figuring out what the rules and regulations are for voting. Is that your testimony?’”

Stewart: People who have lower education and who have less — that pay less attention to public affairs will have greater problems figuring out how to vote, yes

Q. Okay. So your testimony is that African Americans are less sophisticated than white voters; is that right

Stewart: My understanding is that African Americans have lower levels of education in North Carolina, and I know from the public opinion work that African Americans report that they paid less attention to public affairs on average than white voters do probably because of the differences the education.

Q. Do you think they are less able to figure out what the rules are for when you have to register to vote and when you have to go vote?

Stewart: The ability to figure these things out is related to one’s education. As I said, that ability—those average abilities are due to differences in things like education.

Q. Okay. So then you are saying that African American voters have less ability to figure out what the rules are for voting?

Stewart: I said African Americans have less education, which leads to an ability to navigate the rules of the game.

Never did Adams, the author of the piece at Breitbart, refute or to attempt to refute Stewart’s claims, given the unhappy place to which they ineluctably lead: that blacks don’t vote intelligently. Instead, Adams adopted the left’s tactic: cry racist.

Powerline’s Paul Mirengoff took umbrage as well. “To assume that African Americans pay disproportionately small amounts of attention to their rights and responsibilities as citizens is to make quite an assumption. It is tantamount to saying that, collectively, African Americans are worse citizens than the rest of us.” Stewart’s “position, advanced in court on behalf of the Holder DOJ,” Mirengoff concluded, “is an insult to African Americans.”

However insulting it is, Stewart’s assumption is quite reasonable. Otherwise, Mirengoff can find another explanation for the black crime rate, flash mobs, the knock-out game and Polar-bear hunting, the condition of Detroit, the stupid things blacks believe and the idiotic votes blacks cast. Need we mention the riots in Ferguson, Mo., where a cop killed a 300-pound black thug in self-defense? Is it safe to assume those blacks are paying “disproportionately small amounts of attention to their rights and responsibility as citizens?”

Like Charles Murray, whom the left never tires of smearing because of his “Bell Curve,” Stewart, an accomplished academic, offered a conclusion formed after examining concrete data. He called a spade a spade. If he is wrong, then Adams and Mirengoff should tell and show us why. But they can’t because Stewart is right. So they imply that he said something “racist.” The point: to discredit Stewart and the Obama administration’s attack on North Carolina’s voter ID laws. It was the usual gust of vituperative rhetoric, and it is no more valid coming from the right than it is coming from the left. Unsurprisingly, the effort failed.

I don’t know anything about Stewart, although one may assume he is a liberal given that he testified for the administration. But whether he is a liberal is irrelevant. He was right.

And so is Biden. Immigrants drive cabs and run convenience stores. Anyone who doesn’t know that simply hasn’t noticed.