A bill that the media is touting as providing “comprehensive immigration reform” is currently making its way through the Senate.  In essence, the bill will provide amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants and vastly expand legal immigration, while doing nothing to prevent future illegal immigration.  In fact, we know from past immigration amnesties that they only encourage more illegal immigration.  The bill has bipartisan support, meaning, as Sam Francis liked to say, that it is both Stupid and Evil.  It gives the denizens of the Stupid Party plenty of new cheap labor to drive down wages and denizens of the Evil Party lots of new Democratic voters.  It promises continued radical demographic change, in line with Bertolt Brecht’s satirical poem advising the East German Communist Party that it should dissolve the people and elect another after the 1953 uprisings against Communist rule.   This bill is supported by elite opinion and elite money.  All that can stop it is popular outrage.  Mickey Kaus has an excellent piece analyzing the politics behind the bill and what can be done to stop it at the Daily Caller.  It is well worth readingdespite the unfortunate use of profanity at the end.  (Hat tip VDARE.com)