The Southern Poverty Law Center, or the $PLC, as they call it at, has finally found a black murder suspect they dislike. Indeed, such was their distaste, the “hate-watchers” published his mugshot on their website.

Normally, SPLC covers only white “haters” collared by the long arm of the law. They include crackpot supremacists, separatists and militiamen who carry their crackpottery a little too far, then land in trouble with the law. Some of them do, indeed, commit serious crimes. These wackos, along with various Klansmen, immigration restrictionists and League of the South men, provide daily grist for SPLC’s mill to grind money out of aging, frightened Jews. It’s quite the racket, and rarely does a black hater or killer appear at SPLC’s “Hatewatch” blog.

Alas and alack, James Larry Cosby, the SPLC reported in March, is sufficiently evil to warrant some attention from the group’s professional “hate-watchers.” And why was that? He murdered two black lesbians, police allege. One was his daughter. He wasn’t much for her “alternative lifestyle.” Like many blacks, Cosby is a “homophobe” if you believe his press notices.

Homosexuals, of course, are the new victim group, having persuaded the leftist grievance industry that “gay rights” in general and “gay marriage” in particular are the “civil rights” issues of the 21st-century. That’s why SPLC includes groups such as the Family Research Council on its “hate” map, a designation that inspired homophile Floyd Lee Corkins to show up at FRC headquarters in Washington, D.C. ready to kill. SPLC had rendered its verdict. The Christian homophobes had to die.

So now comes Cosby in what, for SPLC, is a man bites dog story. It’s tough being a leftist with so many groups that have gripes. As a rule, again, blacks don’t think much of homosexuals, which invites the question of whether the SPLC should declare blacks a hate group. How close to exploding were the heads at SPLC when confronted with a black man suspected of murdering two black lesbians? Then again, perhaps it wasn’t difficult. The suspect is a man, after all, the perpetrator of all evil in Modern Victimology. And the women were twofers: black and lesbian.

So it’s official. James Larry Cosby, black man, is a hater.