Writing your Congressperson.

An unindicted Illinois governor.

The American people ever understanding that government debt does not exist to cover necessary expenditures but to provide risk-free, tax-free income to capitalists.

American leaders ever understanding the difference between defense and aggression.

American leaders ever understanding the concept of “blowback,” that what goes around comes around.

President, Congress, and Supreme Court acting as if a written constitution actually means what it says.

That any federal lackey who oppresses and murders innocent people will ever be punished.

That the Republican Party will ever effectively halt any leftist objective.  (Though widespread and perhaps partly attributable to wishful thinking, this belief is certifiably delusional.)

That any form of taxation, once adopted, can ever be repealed.

That any bureaucracy, once established, can ever be rolled back.

That an imported population will respect its host.

That manners and civility once lost can ever be recovered.

That Americans will ever recognize and honour real achievers rather than performers—politicians, athletes, and movie stars.

That Americans will ever re-learn what freedom is and that it is not free.

That Americans will ever recover the knowledge that unborn babies are people too.