A month ago was a day before the Nov. 4 election. In this space I predicted, “GOP sellout strikes on Wednesday.” It wasn’t hard being Nostradamus. Here’s the latest.

Quoting Mitt Romney, I said the GOP would give President Obama unconstitutional authority to negotiate a new trade deal, with Congress only having an “up or down” response. That would circumvent the clear Constitutional language, “The Congress shall have the Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises….”

On Wednesday after the election, right on schedule, the Wall Street Journal headlined a story, “GOP Victory Opens Pathway to Trade Bill.”

Next, I prognosticated, “An immigration amnesty sellout also is inevitable.” Of course, since then we have had Obama’s treasonous amnesty of illegal aliens. USA Today reported yesterday, “WASHINGTON — Congressional Republicans acknowledged Tuesday that the party has limited immediate options to curtail President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, but they vowed to continue their efforts next year when the GOP will take full control of Congress.”

And your contribution to their re-election campaigns will guarantee action.

Finally, I said Sen. John McCain would be far more powerful than such limited-interventionists as Sen. Rand Paul. On Thanksgiving Day, Wall Street Journal editorialist and ultra-ultra-chickenhawk warmonger Matthew Kaminiski had much to be thankful for:

“The Arizona senator may not have been on the ballot in the midterms, but the Republican sweep was a personal triumph. In the GOP-run Congress, Mr. McCain is poised to realize an ambition to be chairman of the Armed Services Committee. After an early and loud tea-party challenge fizzled, his best friend in the Senate, South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham, kept his seat easily. Mr. McCain is just as excited to claim several new GOP winners—in Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa and North Carolina—as ‘pro-defense internationalists’ in his image.”

“‘We picked up allies,’ Mr. McCain says. ‘I did not see Rand Paul pick up one.’ Zing.”

Zing, indeed. But the zing is the sound of a drone exploding what’s left of the U.S. Constitution, or any hope Republicans would restore even one jot and tittle of it.