“Liberalism” is the predominant form of snobbery in our time.

A child molester is more likely to be a Democrat.  A closeted homosexual is more likely to be a Republican.

Nothing fails like success.  But the opposite is not true—unless you have affirmative action.

The USPS will discontinue Saturday mail in August.  I can remember when there was delivery twice a day in town.  There were only three kinds of mail: regular (3 cents),  airmail, and Special Delivery.

I can also remember when there were only a half dozen or so makes of cars, brands of beer and cigarettes, and television channels.  People were  content  with much less “diversity.”   (Of course, I can even remember when there were no television channels.)

There are no “local” public schools in the U.S., nor any “state” public school systems.  All “public” schools are property of the central government, administered at every level by interchangeable slaves of  the federal courts and bureaucracy.

The great gift  that the U.S. Supreme Court bestowed upon criminals by its “defendant’s rights”  rulings in the 1960s has now been absorbed completely into our fabric of life—one reason for a large increase in violent crime and the proliferation of multiple offenders at loose to strike again at the innocent.  We no longer even notice the damage done to law and order even with conspicuous examples like  that case of that football player in California.  Most of the of the time of criminal trials is now spent with the jury out of the room while the defense lawyers try to  invoke technicalities to prevent the jury from seeing the evidence that would certainly lead to conviction if they were able to see it.  And these days defense lawyers almost always pick the dumbest jurors they can find—those who are easiest to sidetrack, scare, and  bamboozle.  All of this has destroyed the bedrock of the Anglo-American  legal system—which is common sense.  The keeping of law and order is now a matter of abstractions rather than common sense, which may partly explain the increasing authoritarianism of the police.  Of course, this is not surprising when federal judges routinely impose their subjective feelings on the Constitution.

The previous Republican President and his accomplices are war criminals. So the first Republican President and the probably last Republican President were war criminals.  Think about it.