Inside the Defense Department’s Anti-White Schizophrenia

The Pentagon reports that the number of new white recruits has decreased by more than 40 percent in the last five years: dropping from 44,000 in 2018 to just 25,000 in 2023. In the words of one anonymous Army official, “There’s a level of prestige in parts of conservative America with service that has degraded.”

That observation is astute. Of course the military’s reputation among young white men has suffered. The new American military is explicitly left-wing, anti-white, and incompetent. The Department of Defense openly celebrates furries, transgenderism, and abortion while embracing the demographic decline of America’s white population.

It is no wonder that America’s young white men no longer want to join the armed forces.

This decline in white recruitment is both the Pentagon’s goal and a serious problem for them. The internal struggle over white soldiers in the Department of Defense provides a window into the spiritual and political crisis playing out across the West.

Make no mistake, the modern military is anti-white. There is no point in shying away from the truth. When military officials talk about “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” what they really mean is that the institution has too many white men in it.

The DEI liberal worldview understands race in simple terms: a room full of blacks is diverse. A room full of whites is racist. As Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley told Congress when testifying about the January 6 protest, he wants to understand “white rage,” as if that was the obvious question raised by the incident. He would never use the phrase “black rage” under any circumstances.

I had my own experience with anti-white prejudice in the military. While in officer training for the Marine Corps at The Basic School, my cohort was split into two groups one afternoon. All of the white men were sent to the barracks to perform “field day” (clean the facilities) while all of the women and non-whites went to a special social mixer where they were encouraged to join the combat arms (infantry, artillery, and armor).

Then, as an entire cohort we received a lecture in which the commander of the Infantry Officer’s Course explicitly encouraged non-white officers to join the infantry. Implicit in that lecture was a claim not that the Marine Corps’ current infantry officers weren’t effective or couldn’t meet the standard, but that they were too white. Too many white men were volunteering for the hardest and most risky jobs in the Corps. From the perspective of leadership, that was a serious problem warranting the taking of decisive action. Can’t have that.

These open racial preferences and appeals were a common theme of my military service. At an informal level, I noted that female and non-white Marine officers often received lighter punishments for serious misconduct than their white counterparts.

At the most basic level, the increasingly radical language of the left and its clear opposition to American history and to the West has filtered into the military. American generals openly praise changing base names and tearing down memorials honoring Confederate generals. Those memorials and monuments were so designated in order to celebrate America’s national reconciliation. The iconoclastic destruction of those symbols is meant to drive home the liberal understanding of the nation: America is mired in the sin of racism and it can never be forgiven. We need to destroy the reconciliation that brought the nation together after the cataclysm that tore it part in the 1860s. Indeed, the Civil War needs to be re-started.

At a spiritual level, young white men are picking up on this hostility to themselves and their ancestors. The humiliation is the point.

Here is a photo from a Pentagon Public Affairs story celebrating a transgender Army Major:

Below is a screenshot of a thread from X (formerly Twitter) user @NOVA_campaigns revealing that a homosexual Army Colonel liked to dress up in “pup play” fetish gear while in uniform and while having sexual relations with subordinate officers.

The message is clear: straight, white men are a problem, and the institutional military will now celebrate anything and anyone who isn’t in that category no matter how degenerate.

Reducing the prevalence of white men in the military is the goal. The purpose of a system is what it does. The modern military loses wars, promotes homosexuality, and recruits fewer white men. We must conclude that these things are what the modern military is designed to do.

There is a serious fly in this ointment, however.

It is simply a fact that, considered on average, white men make the best soldiers. The overwhelming majority (upwards of 98 percent) of combat veterans in our nation’s history have been white. White men make up the bulk of the officer corps in the combat arms. They are the overwhelming majority of medal of honor winners and they have also borne the greatest burdens for the nation—the vast majority of combat deaths in American history have been white men.

Here is a photo of black multimillionaire Tiger Woods posing with Navy SEALs:

Here is a link to the Marine Raiders’ fallen heroes page. A cursory glance at the photos of the men who gave their lives makes clear: these men are almost all white.

If we move beyond American history and ask which people on earth make for the best warriors there is an obvious answer: Europeans. This is a map of every country on earth that was conquered by European nations courtesy of Vox:

The raw military prowess of the European peoples is striking. Europeans and their descendants have produced the most fearsome warriors and most powerful conquering militaries in human history. The World Wars reveal the terrifying scale of European military power. The Western tradition of science and spiritedness produces warfighters on a scale that no other culture or civilization has ever approached.

White Americans, as descendants of Europe, have long retained that martial tradition. The height of the American martial spirit, during the Civil War, embodied one of the peaks of Western military might.

On the one hand, the liberals who guide the American military hate the legacy of European power embodied in colonialism and western expansion. But, on the other, they need white men to enforce their own will. At base, all political power rests on force. The leftwing Defense Department wants and needs the best soldiers at its disposal. Joe Biden keeps writing checks with his mouth as he rages on about waging war against the American people that the Defense Department might one day be expected to cash. 

One of the popular sayings about the fascists in Italy is that at least “Mussolini made the trains run on time.” The liberal mind has taken that logic to heart: the fascists made things work. Therefore, people who make things work are fascists. In the increasingly vulgar and degenerating liberal mind, competence equals right-wing or fascist extremism.

For liberals, incompetence has become a way of “owning” the “Nazis.” You can see this in the way that liberals will smugly mock conservatives horrified at the declining quality of life in American cities. Liberals act as if their willingness to tolerate vast homeless encampments, dysfunctional mass transit, and widespread crime is a sign of their moral superiority.

What America really needs today is the complete removal of all affirmative action both formal and informal. We truly need a meritocratic society that rewards talent over identity, no matter the racial outcome. As it stands now, our military is trapped by its own spiritual schizophrenia. If competence means whiteness, then the liberal leadership class doesn’t want it, but yet they still need competence. They are trapped in a vicious cycle of anti-white racism that continually yields a decline in effectiveness and legitimacy.

America desperately needs new leadership before this crisis spirals even further out of control.  

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