Silence is unhealthy and un-American. Everybody has a right to talk and play their media as much as they want to,  anywhere any time.

Every child has the right to a quality education.

A college education is the key to a well-paying job.

Same-sex couples have the same right to government benefits as everybody else. The Supreme Court says so.

Vicious criminals almost always are trashy looking white men with Southern accents.

Abraham Lincoln was a kind and merciful man with good will towards all.

Borrowing money stimulates the economy.

Television should be on at all times everywhere so Americans can keep informed about the news.

In the Constitution the wise Founding Fathers designed the President to be leader of the  world.

College football is a great example of the American way of life.

Racial equality is a success in states like New York, Michigan, and Illinois, but the government should keep watch on prejudiced Southerners.

Government employees are conscientious and hard working.

A government job is a good thing to have.

American hi-tech companies stay competitive by hiring smart Asians.

Immigrants only do jobs that Americans who don’t work for the government are too lazy to do.

Everybody should do what the President says because he is our Commander-in-Chief.

It is good when the Democrats and Republicans agree and don’t make trouble.

In the Declaration of Independence America launched a world revolution for freedom and democracy.


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