It’s been almost 10 years since the death of Sam Francis. But his best-known saying, “anarcho-tyranny,” contains more descriptive power than ever. His phrase described when government, which is supposed to protect ordinary citizens, instead leaves them to anarchy; while the law-abiding are subject to monstrous centralized controls over every aspect of their lives.

That came to mind immediately last night when I was watching President Obama’s speech calling for peace in the wake of the Ferguson Grand Jury’s verdict on Officer Wilson – as a split-screen showed rioters already burning businesses and police cars. The president is the central official of tyranny; and he did nothing to protect the people of that scarred city. He actually said, “The fact is, in too many parts of this country, a deep distrust exists between law enforcement and communities of color. Some of this is the result of the legacy of racial discrimination in this country. And this is tragic because nobody needs good policing more than poor communities with higher crime rates.”

Why bring up such problems now? It’s true there are many cases of police brutality across the country, the victims including whites. But in the case at hand, it was clear from the evidence released yesterday that Brown attacked Wilson twice. Anyone who does that should expect the worst. And last night was a time for calm, not grinding salt into old racial wounds.

Tyranny also was shown from the beginning of this matter when Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder butted into the case, sending to Ferguson swarms of federal agents from the beginning, and 100 additional FBI agents just before the grand-jury announcement. Yet this wasn’t Gov. Lester Maddox’s 1960s Georgia. Today’s Missouri Gov. Ray Nixon is, like Obama, a liberal Democrat.

By lording it over people of the state of Missouri, Obama owned the case. Yet when the grand-jury announcement came down, he gave his race-polarizing speech in Washington, which might as well have been Mars. If he really wanted peace in Ferguson, he would have come there in person, protected by a phalanx of Secret Service agents, to bring racial healing and understanding, personally leading FBI agents, National Guard troops and local police in protecting the lives and property of the local people. Instead, he left the city to the anarchy whose flames he had helped flame.

And of course, Obama’s outrageous amnesty of illegal aliens last week was another example of the tyrant unleashing anarchy on the country he so misrules.

The same day as the Ferguson riots, to emphasize the tyranny part of anarcho-tyranny, the Obama regime’s FDA imposed preposterously complicated new food-labeling rules, including for movie theaters and pizza joints. Well, at least the Ferguson Little Caesar’s won’t have to worry about that. It was burned down during the anarchy unleashed by Big Caesar.