Orlando’s Little Sodom was shot up early Sunday morning by a Muslim who thought that pleasing Allah by murdering homosexuals was more important than being a husband, father, or living person.  Before police bulldozed their way into one of the Pulse nightclub’s several spacious bathrooms where Omar Mateen was holed up and shot him dead, the interwebs was also riddled with ideological gunfire.

With the victims not yet identified, every pundit was firing away, convinced that this flouting of the Fifth Commandment was confirmation of a particular political agenda which just so happened to be his own.  Many good folks wondered, can’t we just pray for the victims and their families and set politics aside for one day?

Well, we can’t.

Good people have to engage in the follow-up battle because we live in a bloated, highly centralized society in which instant reactions, immediately and widely proliferated through 24-hour news and social media, shape instant impressions that go far beyond facts and reason and translate into law, campaign promises, and executive orders.

On the same day as the murders, President Obama declared that “we know enough to say this was an act of terror and an act of hate.”  That is an infantile, banal statement.  Every single murder is an act of hatred.  Yes, of course, the left will say, but this sort of murder results from a particular kind of hatred—the thing to which we abstractly refer simply as “hate.”

And yet, if we think about it, we know exactly what they mean when they say “hate.”  The concreteness of it comes in its connection to other seemingly nebulous terms like “religious extremism,” “fundamentalism,” “bigotry,” and “radicalization.”  Very quickly, we get the familiar narrative: The subject embraced “hate,” was “radicalized,” then aligned himself with “religious extremists.”

Depending on whom one asks, that might as well apply to you or me.

In this ever-newspeak, the enemy is not “religion.”  No, in the Obama/Hillary world, the same one many if not most politicians inhabit, the one where FOX News’s Megyn Kelly broadcasts her show—a world Donald Trump at least visits on occasion, perhaps owns a hotel or two there—“religion” is existential niceness.  Your evolutionary drive is to be the fittest in order to survive, to hate anything that is Other because you fear it as a threat.  But you take this ostensibly irrational leap of faith toward niceness and imagine that your leap is service to whatever god tickles your fancy.  In this calculus all religion is the same, and all of the gods are but different faces of the same pretty lie that we tell ourselves in order to maintain niceness in a crumbling society coasting on the fumes of long custom and actual Christian morality.

Prayers to the victims! #stopthehate

For the dominant and dominating left, actual religion is not religion at all but mere extremism.  Their “Christianity” is a faith of positive thoughts, not judging anyone ever, and “loving” people just the way they are, as their imaginary “Jesus” did.  Their “Islam” is a faith of positive thoughts, not judging anyone ever, and “loving” people just the way they are, as their imaginary “Muhammad” did.  The best they can say about the ignorant masses out there clinging to their guns and religion is that they have residual hate within them, left over from the days before the left led us into the light and explained to us that every traditional moral standard of mankind is really a means of oppression, false piety, a craven desired to protect status and wealth that is unearned and undeserved.

Not to worry, they think: The children, fully indoctrinated in our tax-funded schools, will naturally fall into line.  But this takes time.  Nonetheless, ground can be gained swiftly whenever another terrible and utterly predicable act of violence occurs, after which every gun can be turned on the ignorant, whose hate can be suppressed by round the clock “education,” disguised as heart-rending Emmy-award winning journalism, and affirmed by the Facebook comments and tweets of those loyal to the regime.  How many times can we attribute the mass-murder of gays by a Muslim to “hate” before everyone grows weary of the story?  As many as possible.

The many-named father of Sunday’s jihadist, in issuing the Best Apology Ever by the parent of a mass-murderer, played along by saying that “this had nothing to do with religion.”  That is utterly ridiculous.  This had everything to do with religion—a Salafist Islam that connects a belief (shared by most of mankind from time immemorial) that there is something wrong with sodomy with the duty to murder sodomites.  Sharia, the law of the caliphate, the pure will of Allah—these transcend the laws of the civil authorities of the infidels, and must be executed (along with the violators themselves) by the faithful.

Christians, since always, have believed that LGBTQing is a sin.  History shows this rather plainly, and the Bible, despite the best efforts of today’s acceptable religion, is unambiguous.  But Christians are not authorized by the Lord to avenge His honor by slaughtering LGBTQs, who are made in the image of God and in need of salvation, as all men are.  We hate the sin because of our religion, and we love the sinner because of our religion.  We hate sodomy, but we also hate murder—and theft, and adultery, and idolatry—because God hates them.  We obey our civil authorities, however foolish and inept they are, because God established their authority in order to restrain the evil that He hates.

We hate Islam because it blasphemes against God.

Muslims hate Christianity because it blasphemes against their false god.

President Obama and his media acolytes hate religion of every stripe, because religion stakes a claim on people that is higher than the law of the ever-growing state.  They hate “intolerance,” a paradox that betrays the unsustainability of a society that has embraced the lies that no true religion (particularly our historic and true one) can be publicly privileged, that niceness and not salvation from sin is the only acceptable end of faith, and that all of the rough edges of history, time, and custom can be sanded down by John Lennon’s liberal fantasy.

Islam, in all of its forms, and Christianity cannot both be true.  But the liberal fantasy, with its pseudo-religion, doesn’t really pretend to be true.  It just pretends to be capable of achieving the right outcome—a nice society where man is no longer a wolf to man.

The pseudo-religion of the left claims to be against “hate,” but the niceness they demand is not the same thing as love.  In fact, there are no sinners worthy of love in the liberal fantasy, because there are no sinners, except for those whom the liberals deem intolerant—and they are openly hated.  These liberals are attempting to promote their hatred for truth on the heels of a violent, hateful crime.  Don’t let them get away with it.