Apropos of my blog post yesterday, which noted that the nation’s top soldier and Marine think women must be subject to the draft given their coming role as combatants, a few questions for them:

Will pregnancy and/or motherhood be disqualifying conditions that enable a woman to avoid registration for the draft? If so, and given that refusing to register for the draft is a federal felony with a fine of up to $250,000 and a five-year prison term, what will the penalty be for women who intentionally get pregnant to avoid registration for the draft, and how will military authorities know when a woman did so?

Similarly, once a woman is drafted and inducted, and knowing that military occupation specialties might not be voluntary, how will military authorities stop her from getting pregnant to avoid combat or any other hazardous duty? Will she be sterilized? Or forced to consume birth-control pills or accept implants? And what will the penalty be if the military can prove a woman draftee did indeed get pregnant to avoid her duty?

Will Christian women who believe that God did not equip women for combat or even less hazardous military duties, and that women combatants, or duties requiring immodesty in front of military men, are a moral outrage, be permitted to offer religious or conscientious objections to military service?

And what of the men forced to serve with women draftees? Given the promiscuity of living conditions in the field, not least those involving hygiene and sanitation, what rights do they have?

Or do those who object to this insanity on moral and religious grounds simply have to “get over it?”