Try not to be so negative, Clyde, and look on  the bright side.  Increased diversity enriches our lives.  If you want really authentic Chinese food, go to Bangkok, where a Chinese from Taiwan was arrested for his exotic taste in food and religion.  He had roasted six unborn babies and covered them with gold leaf–the mark of a true gourmet in the East.  Police say the intended cannibalism was part of  a black magic ritual, but this is far from being the first case of human dim sum.

There must be a way of making money of of this.  Now that the Facebook offering is falling on its face–as I had hoped–perhaps Mr. Zuckerberg (or Mr. Gates or Mr. Dimon) can turn his talents to a new capital venture.  One of these tycoons could  kill  kill two birds with one stone, by giving employment to women on welfare while creating a new fast-food industry.  In the unlikely event that one of them  has a conscience to salve, he could always donate some of the profits to Planned Parenthood.  Opportunity, it’s what America is all about.

Where is Walter Block when you need him?