On his deathbed in Washington, Richard Holbrooke allegedly told his Pakistani surgeon, “You’ve got to stop this war in Afghanistan.”  Perhaps the story is true.  After all, Holbrooke, though one of the greatest liars in public life, must have told the truth occasionally and his words may even have been delivered accurately by the class of journalists who cannot give us a sports score without making a politically correct comment on race, sex, or sexual orientation.


Whatever Holbrooke might have said on the way to his reward, the high points of his career were marked by his ruthless advocacy of war and slaughter.  In the Former Yugoslavia he championed the rights of the bloodthirsty Bosnian Muslims and boasted of showing them how to target their guns–a boast he later denied, naturally.  Ironically (providentially) the Master of War died on the anniversary of the Dayton Accords, a deal he has misrepresented,  misused, and attempted to circumvent ever since.  The ink was hardly dry, when Holbrooke and his cronies began–in the style of Federal judges–to invoke the “spirit of Dayton” against the letter of an agreement that was supposed to permit autonomy to the Bosnian Serbs.  I well recall hearing President BiljanaPlavisic’s witty response, “I am a scientist [in fact a microbiologist]; I don’t believe in  ghosts [i.e., spirits].”  But, in addition to being a Master of War, Holbrooke was a master of the Great Lie.  Now he has (I can only suppose without pretending to know) gone to the Father of Lies.

Holbrooke was one of the architects of a US foreign policy that has targeted Christians around the world for extinction–in Bosnia, in Kosovo, in EAst Timor, and in Iraq, where the last remnants of an ancient Christian community are being extirpated even as I write.

Some years ago, I asked some Zionist Evangelicals about the wisdom of a policy that slaughtered Christians in order to help the Jewish state.   “Iraqis?  They’re not Christians.”  They said the same thing of the Palestinian Christians.   So the oldest Christian communities in the world are not Christian, and the one and only true church is some  Zionist sect invented in the 19th century out of thin air and a misreading of Scripture !  But this is America, where new trumps old, and cheap trumps good every time.

I should have thought that from a Protestant perspective, anyone who accepted Christ and Him crucified as God, Lord, and Savior could be given some credit for being a Christian, that only Catholics (and, then, the least educated and most prejudiced) were bigoted enough to deny the term Christian to the sects.  Richard Baxter’s (and C.S. Lewis’s “mere Christianity”) may be rather a thin gruel, but I have always thought it  enough to sustain a man in his faith.  It is bad enough to send all “heretics” (Christians with whom I disagree on some intellectual point) to Hell, but to deny the status of Christian to a persecuted congregation threatened with extermination is a device of Hell itself.  The Zionist and Republican Christians who supported the anti-Christian policies of the past three presidents are enemies to the religion they claim to profess.

Back in Pakistan, our ally in the Crusade to liberate Afghan women from their fathers and husbands, a Christian woman has been condemned to death for blasphemy.  Apparently, when Muslim co-workers refused to drink water she she had brought and insulted her religion, the poor woman had responded in kind. Now there are mobs of Muslims demonstrating and demanding her head.  The Vatican has asked for a pardon, but it will be a cold day in Hell when the President or Secretary of State make such a request, unless it is couched in the language of women’s rights.  Christians of America, get used to it: Your government and ruling class hates you.  Think about this as you pull the lever for Newt Gingrich or John McCain.

The United States is engaged in a Holy War, a Zionist Jihad to destroy Christianity.  This policy has succeeded in killing and subjugating Christian Serbs, Iraqis, Pakistanis, and any other Christian population that gets in the way of the agenda.  These are the fruits of the policies of Richard Holbrooke and Madeline Albright, and Bill Clinton, of George Bush, Condaleeza Rice, and Don Rumsfeld, of Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton.  May God have mercy on their souls; I know I don’t.