Last week, Organized Leftism twisted its knickers into a knot over something someone said, and it used the usual tactic — scare quotes — to suggest that what the person said is false, even though it is obviously true. That person was Geraldo Rivera.

Media Matters posted a video of Rivera’s appearance on Fox News with no commentary except this headline:

Fox‘s Rivera: In “Minority Culture” They Embrace “The Thug Ethic”

Geraldo Rivera: “If You Want To Embrace” It,“You Will Be A Failure And Your Children Will Be A Failure”

The full quote, available at Raw Story, runs like this:

“There’s too much, in the minority culture,” he continued, that “embraces the ‘thug ethic’ — no belt, so your pants are down around your butt. Or, remember how much trouble I got in about the hoodies?”

“The point is, if you want to embrace that failure, you will be a failure, and your children will be failures,” he added.

As usual, neither Media Matters nor Raw Story bothered with commentary, trusting its leftist audience to know what Rivera had to be false because of the scare quotes.

Rivera landed in hot water with the left in 2012 for stating an obvious truth: Young blacks wearing hoodies look like thugs, and Trayvon Martin’s wearing one may have been a reason George Zimmerman followed him. “His hoodie killed Trayvon Martin as surely as George Zimmerman did,” Rivera wrote in a column at Fox News Latino.

Then he said this, again on Fox News:

“Every time you see someone sticking up a 7-Eleven, the kid’s wearing a hoodie. Every time you see a mugging on a surveillance camera or they get the old lady in the alcove, it’s a kid wearing a hoodie. You have to recognize that this whole stylizing yourself as a gangsta — you’re going to be a gangsta wannabe? Well, people are going to perceive you as a menace,” he said.

To his credit, Rivera refused to retract what he wrote and said.

Good for him. He was right.