Spirited Young Men Should Stay Out of Biden’s Military

It’s a trap.

Joe Biden’s Pentagon—faced with the prospect of a three front proxy war against Russia, China, and Iran—has made recent overtures of good will to America’s spirited young white men.

In a recent ad entitled “First Jump: Be All You Can Be” the Army shows an all-white squad of paratroopers jumping from a helicopter into an open field. It is a shocking ad. Save for one black woman at the end, the ad is free of “diversity,” something nearly unheard of in today’s DEI advertising climate. One enterprising researcher did a survey of all 433 actors in the nationally aired advertisements during the 2022 Super Bowl. He discovered that 40 percent of those actors were black, despite blacks accounting for only 13 percent of the American population.

The Army’s latest television spot, for once, gives an honest portrait of America’s combat troops: all male and mostly white.

After years of woke “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” inspired ads—among which the ad “The Calling” featuring a soldier raised by two lesbian activists is the best example—the Army is back to trying to recruit spirited white men.

On the heels of this latest advertising push, the Army also sent out a letter to thousands of former soldiers who were kicked out over their refusal to get the experimental COVID vaccines. The letter announces that soldiers who received a dishonorable or other-than-honorable discharge over the vaccine can apply to have their records corrected. It also opens the door to these soldiers re-enlisting.

Letter sent to military members dismissed for their refusal to take
experimental COVID-19 vaccinations.

As liberals love to say: representation matters. The latest push to recruit white men and make peace with the conservative soldiers who were forced out over the COVID vaccine mandate is a sign that America’s liberal overlords find themselves in need of America’s despised “racists” and “conspiracy theorists.” Recruiting in the military has been down since 2020 and there are numerous cracks appearing in America’s ability to project power abroad.

The Ukraine and Israel-Hamas Wars are showing the limits of America’s ability to wage total planetary war against the enemies of liberalism.

From the standpoint of America’s conservative middle class, this is a wonderful development. For too long, D.C. has been given a free hand to “wild out,” as the youth say, on a global scale. Enough.

Spirited young men need to stay away from the Biden military. Don’t fall for their propaganda. There is nothing for you there. The modern American regime, whatever its emissaries say in moments of crisis, is not your friend. Every Western state in the world is at war with their own people.

The real aim of the European and American policy of open borders, historical iconoclasm, and endless woke ideological flogging is the same—these states want to annihilate their traditional populations politically, culturally, and spiritually. The state as it exists in our time is a manifestation of the death instinct—it is a vehicle for resentful losers to wage war against strength, beauty, and excellence.

Mass immigration, outsourcing, endless foreign wars—they all serve the end of waging war against the founding stock of every Western nation.

The older understanding of the state—the one that held sway in Europe from the 16th to the late 19th centuries and that dominated the thinking of the American founders—understood the state as the protector of its people. This view has long since passed. Since World War I, the modern state has turned in on itself. The titanic industrial wars of the 20th century revealed that the older view had imploded.

The state came to see its population as simply more grist for the mill, as more cannon fodder to be thrust into the industrial meat grinder of industrial total war.

There is no way to save the modern state from itself. If there are political solutions to the crisis of our time, they are not to be found in the attempt to reform states from the inside. Infiltration of these institutions is impossible. To again paraphrase the youth, there is no way to take what is cringe by nature and make it based.

The modern state calls for its best and most spirited youths to give themselves up in selfless service to the weak and downtrodden. To quote the liberal gospel, there is none greater than this: he who lays down his life for gay rights in the third world.

“Selfless” service is right. True selflessness is death and that’s exactly what the modern regime wants its spirited young men to do: die. It is only when life is over that human beings come to completely lose their “selves.” There are endless complaints from the Right today that Americans are too individualistic. If only! We live in a world of rigid conformity to the demands of “society” (by which I mean senile gerontocrats) and “morality” (by which they mean honoring failures).

The widespread censorship in the name of “community guidelines” reveals the true character of our time: complete subordination of the spirited individual to the mediocre collective.

Most young Zoomer women today have gone their whole lives without ever encountering a spirited young man. That needs to change. American men today need to start insisting on their real self-interest. We need the manly “don’t tread on me” spirit. Instead of selfless devotion to a “cause greater than themselves” (gay rights in Ukraine) American men need to start demanding that their regime give them their due.

Achilles of epic fame is a good model. Dishonored by Agamemnon, he refuses to fight. Based. Achilles fought for himself—for his own glory and honor. That might be “problematic” but it’s a hell of an improvement over the self-destructive devotion that characterizes the servants of the modern state.

I would know. I was one such servant. No more. I will never again serve a regime that hates me. I won’t fight for my enemies. When leftists rip down statues of my ancestors and heroes they are revealing what they want to do to me. The COVID vaccine mandate for American troops, and the people as a whole, was an attempt by our rulers to force the population into complete submission. My response was simple: absolutely not.

The American regime treats me as a mobile ATM. I am reminded of my “selflessness,” my lack of real autonomy and freedom, every time I am forced to pay taxes to a government that actively works to destroy my way of life. Achilles was free in a way that I am not.

Achilles was real in a way that no American man is real today. The modern state cucks us. It ravages what we hold dear without our consent. The least we can do is refuse to watch from the corner as it ravages on.

I have no choice in having my paycheck pillaged on behalf of Israel and Ukraine. But I sure as hell am not going out of my way to help Joe Biden & Co. carry out their works of idiocy and death abroad.

I encourage other spirited young men to follow this example: do not serve a regime that hates you. Don’t join its military. Do not serve as the tip of the spear for the New World Order.

American men: think first about yourselves, your families, and your own good. You have real negotiating power. There is no more important resource to the modern American regime than white men with guns willing to enforce its edicts. The American state hates these men and it hates that it needs them, but facts don’t care about feelings.

When it comes to the American military, it is time for the nation’s spirited young men to meme on, stand up, and drop out.

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