Readers of Chronicles know well the name Srdja Trifkovic. Dr. Trifkovic has served for many years as our foreign affairs editor and is an invaluable resource for fresh information and incisive commentary on matters pertaining to Serbia and most recently the crisis in Ukraine.

Currently his expertise is finding broader exsposure among some mainstream news outlets. The links below will take you to the actual news articles but we offer a few excerpts here:

The Washington Post writes: “… Serge Trifkovic, a Serbian-born writer and activist who lives in Chicago, led the group and delivered a ringing endorsement of the referendum, which he called “legal, legitimate, democratic and right.”

NBC news goes into further detail: “The tone of a news conference with international election monitors in Crimea turned decidedly anti-American Saturday, when Serge Trifkovic, an American foreign affairs analyst of Serbian origin, criticized the United States’ involvement in the upcoming referendum.

“Nobody asked the people of Crimea if they wanted to be transferred from the Russian Federation within the USSR to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic,” Trifkovic said.

He added that it’s “richly ironic” U.S. leaders appear to be upholding the Soviet Communist Party’s legacy by insisting Crimea must remain part of Ukraine, while Russian President Vladimir Putin is “upholding the right of people to self-determination and liberty.”

The Guardian adds  “Serge Trifkovic, a Serbian-American writer, was the most entertaining, speaking in extraordinary metaphor and railing against the west.

“What is sauce for Kosovo’s goose is certainly sauce for Crimea’s gander,” he said, to the dismay of the Russian translator. When asked if he had been paid to attend, he said that if he were looking for money he would have approached the CIA. The observers, he said, were “as poor as church mice”.

Dr. Trifkovic’s up-to-date articles on the Ukrainian crises can be found here on the Chronicles blog