There are two sides to the same-sex “marriage” debate, as SCOTUS sees it: Decide now for federally mandated pretend marriage, or rule in favor of “wait and see,” which amounts to a declaration that “gay marriage is inevitable.”  We don’t need to wait with baited breath for the ruling.  Like old milk, the culture has already turned.  Justice Anthony “The Swinger” Kennedy said as much during oral arguments over Obergefell v. Hodges.  The Congress has the power, even now, to nullify any result of this case, as William J. Quirk argued in the pages of Chronicles when the Supremes blew it last time, but conservatives have preferred to politicize a cultural issue instead of acting within the constitutional bounds of the political process.  Even if Kennedy swings the “right way” on this, nothing will change because, as Bill argued, “The history of Roe v. Wade demonstrates that Court intervention doesn’t settle culture-war issues.”