The Case for Ben Carson and the Return of American Goodness

Hiding in plain site is the singular person who could do more for the Trump candidacy, for the Republican ticket, for the party as such, and for the country, than any other.

His name is Dr. Ben Carson. The obvious question is: Why is everyone missing this?

Carson, without question, is a world-renowned surgeon and first-class mind. He is a gentle soul who served loyally as a cabinet secretary in the first Trump term—one of the few persons to do so for the full duration. Less we forget, he was also the dedicated vice chairman of Trump’s transition team.

As a person who always seems to calm the storm, Carson knows and acknowledges Jesus Christ as his personal savior. He is a devout man in every fiber of his being. I have no formal or informal association with Carson, but I recognize that he not only is an exemplary role model for all men, but he embodies the way of the Lord expressed in the Sermon on the Mount or the Beatitudes.

He is humble, so full of humility in fact, that he frightens no one. He knows who he is and the purpose God has sent him here to achieve. He is virtuous in that he both knows and keeps the Word. He speaks truth to power and has the touch of grace that comes with such a spirit and demeanor.

These are among the reasons Carson would be a perfect running mate and vice president for Trump. Trump knows and trusts him. And a man like Carson, in this hour of our nation’s need, would help put the country at rest. Other politicians bring their own additional baggage to the ticket, but Carson just embodies old fashioned goodness.

In recent weeks, many have marveled at Scottie Scheffler’s winning ways in the world of golf. His swing is so perfect and easy that he wins nearly every shot. He is a master. But the real secret behind his success is his confession that he believes in the power of Christ and depends entirely on Him. Scheffler feels God’s power and gives Him all the glory.

Carson was like that in the world of medicine, where he was the top neurosurgeon at America’s number-one hospital, Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. He entered politics reluctantly, as a calling. I first met him in 2013 when he gave the keynote address at the National Prayer Breakfast. He was different—honest and wise. He was then, and is now, strong on all the right issues. But the way in which he is right about things marks him apart from every other politician—because he is not a politician. He is a healer.

Carson became the director of pediatric surgery at the age of just 33. He led the first separation of conjoined twins and was the first to perform new surgical procedures on a fetus inside the womb. He developed new methods to treat brain-stem tumors and to control brain seizures. Carson has been awarded 60 honorary doctorates and merit citations. He was bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States. He has written six best-selling books and was himself the subject of the award-winning biographical television film: Gifted Hands. That title was not an overstatement.

Born into severe poverty and living on food stamps, Carson nonetheless overcame what life dealt him. He maintained the kind of faithful attitude and sure resolve that make him the kind of public figure sorely needed in 2024. Carson, more than any other individual, has the qualities necessary to help Trump win and carry out his true and intended mission.

Think about it. The good doctor would never challenge Trump. Indeed, Carson would support and console him. The good doctor would not be a traitor, like another vice-presidential pick turned out to be, but would constantly stand in Trump’s corner. The good doctor would not have his own agenda or try to take over or become yet another counterforce in the administration but would quietly lead through influence and wise counsel. He would be there when and as needed. He would benefit Donald Trump enormously—both personally and politically.

In addition to all of the excellent qualities mentioned above, however, wizened politicos may be wondering what political benefits Carson brings to the table. There are more than a few.

He most certainly would bring in voters, and not only blacks. Yes, the number of black Trump voters has the potential to rise significantly because of Carson’s appeal, but he also appeals to women, to Evangelicals and Catholics, and to all normal Americans who are longing for a return to sanity and simple American goodness.

The improbable political detour Carson embarked on late in life has been fruitful for him and is one in which he has demonstrated a capacity to surge in the polls, raise significant funds, and bring together a larger community in the public arena. At Trump’s side the two would compose a formidable team and it is reasonable to expect they could win an overwhelming majority. They could carry the House and take back the Senate.

Carson is the choice President Trump should make for a more perfect union—for harmony and unity. Carson would serve him well. His is a voice for reason and civility in a nation that is increasingly devoid of common sense.

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