Late last year I wrote how a personal bout with COVID-19 changed my perspective and gave me hope that the pandemic wasn’t as dire as many made it out to be. My perspective changed in part thanks to a private practice doctor who had great success in treating COVID. According to him, COVID, if treated early and with a cocktail of various drugs, isn’t the death sentence we’ve been told it was.

As time goes on, it becomes apparent that my doctor friend isn’t the only physician who has this knowledge. The now well-known “COVID Hunter,” Dr. Joseph Varon, has been interviewed hundreds of times on various media networks highlighting the good doctor’s faithfulness and success in saving patients infected with COVID.

Those interviews, however, left out a key component of Varon’s success, and not because he has tried to hide his secret from the public. Instead, Varon’s experience shows how both the news media and social media platforms censor truth, spinning stories away from good news and toward fearmongering.

Varon’s story came to light in an interview done by former Fox News reporter Ivory Hecker. Hecker recently blew the whistle on her Fox station, documenting how she was reprimanded for reporting on positive news regarding drugs such as Hydroxychloroquine. Not surprisingly, Hecker was fired for this whistleblowing action, and now has produced an in-depth interview with Varon in order to present the truth she was not allowed to report on months ago.

According to Hecker, the death rate for patients under Varon’s care is about half that of the in-patient hospital death rate reported by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The reason for this success is credited to Varon’s use of the MATH+ Protocol, along with the drugs-which-must-not-be-named, otherwise known as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. While Varon has begun to phase out the former due to pressure over its political disfavor, he recently co-authored peer-reviewed research in the American Journal of Therapeutics on the effectiveness of Ivermectin. One of his co-authors, Dr. Pierre Kory, says that “the United States is in a media lockdown” over the potentially lifesaving information presented in this research, even though there is much interest among the general public.

Besides facing media censorship during interviews over the effectiveness of this treatment plan, Varon says he also has experienced censorship on social media noting, “Every time I use the word Ivermectin I go to Facebook jail.” When asked if more lives would be saved if word got out about the effectiveness of these drugs, Varon adamantly responded in the affirmative, but then asked how the word can get out if he, who has given over 1,600 media interviews in recent months, can’t even get the message through the media gauntlet.

The media likely has blood on their hands all because they seem afraid of ideas contrary to those of our ruling elite. Instead they prey upon the fears of the general public in order to keep us in line. American journalist H. L. Mencken described the press in our country very well when he said that its defining features were “its incurable fear of ideas, its constant effort to evade the discussion of fundamentals by translating all issues into a few elemental fears, its incessant reduction of all reflection to mere emotion.”

Mencken continues with his tirade against the American press:

It is, in the true sense, never well-informed. It is seldom intelligent, save in the arts of the mob-master. It is never courageously honest. Held harshly to a rigid correctness of opinion by the plutocracy that controls it with less and less attempt at disguise, and menaced on all sides by censorships that it dare not flout, it sinks rapidly into formalism and feebleness. … For it is upon the emotions of the mob, of course, that the whole comedy is played.

The motive of the press, Mencken writes, is to keep the general public in line for the purposes of the ruling elites. And because the press knows that the public craves safety above all else, they use fear to accomplish their mission.

Clearly the methods of the press haven’t changed since Mencken’s day, especially given Hecker’s concluding thought at the end of her interview with Varon. She notes that the emergency authorization of the vaccine couldn’t have happened if there was a drug that effectively treated COVID-19. “Could that have been part of the motivation for the strange censorship of certain COVID-19 treatments that we’ve witnessed over the past year at news and social media corporations?” she asks.

It’s a worthwhile question to ask, and something we should keep in mind as we process the diet the media feed us. Our best interests are not always theirs. The public that only craves safety, never asks questions, and does as it’s told will play right into the hands of the media and the elites they serve,  eventually even threatening the same safety that the public so desires.