‘The Super Bowl Is Rigged!’: An Intervention

In the ideological fever swamps surrounding this chaotic age, rife as they are with the miasmatic stench of toxic imbecility, it appears that some of our conspirators-in-chief have plunged through to the bottom of our debased, divisive political divide to find new levels of conspiratorial stupidity: namely, that the NFL is rigging the Super Bowl for the Kansas City Chiefs to further the left’s rigging of the presidential election for Joe Biden.

I guess the NFL really is still mad about Trump’s stint in the USFL.

For those just awakening from a coma, the Chiefs’ future Hall of Fame tight end, Travis Kelce, and the immensely popular singer, Taylor Swift, are dating. From this very public romance, the conspirators-in-chief, in their distaste for both parties, concocted the fantastical notion the NFL will engineer a Chiefs Super Bowl win that will propel Kelce’s super celeb squeeze, Ms. Swift, to  even greater international celebrity, from which perch she will then weaponize her celebrity powers and endorse current White House occupant, Joe Biden, to prevent the reelection of former President Donald J. Trump. Holy cow! Wasn’t this the same strategy the left once tried with Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe to torpedo Ike’s reelection?

To cap off their paranoia, the conspirators-in-chief now cite a Newsweek poll purporting to show the puissance of a potential Swift endorsement. The poll finds that as many as 18 percent of those polled would be swayed to line up with the singer. Apparently, it is some news flash that young people who like Taylor Swift, her music, and leftist policies are inclined to support her favored candidate. Will wonders never cease? No wonder J. Edgar Hoover tried to save Nixon’s bacon by deporting John Lennon back to Liverpool.

Missing from the fevered conversation about this poll, however, is its other finding. In the final analysis, a Swift endorsement may net out a mere 1 percent benefit as almost as many who are inclined to follow Swift will oppose whomever she endorses (17 percent will vote anti-Swift to the 18 percent who say they will vote pro-Swift). Indeed, given the margin of error, more people may well oppose a candidate endorsed by Taylor Swift. Honestly, the conspirators-in-chief should have saved their money on this poll and just consulted Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), whose victorious election Swift publicly opposed.  

Yes, I feel stupider for having endured the exercise of reiterating these conspiratorial phantasms. But someone had to do it. Because this is not merely an op-ed. It’s an intervention.

Life is too short to list all the reasons the conspirators-in-chief’s lunacy is just that: lunacy. Nonetheless, for the die-hard numbskulls, herewith are a few points that should suffice to calm them down. If not, it is time for an involuntary commitment as they pose a danger to themselves, others, and the future of our free republic.

Ms. Swift’s popularity is boosting the NFL, not the other way around. Per the New York Post:

Swift’s support would surely add a lot of value, as it did for the NFL.

Swift alone has created a “brand value” of $331.5 million for the Chiefs and the NFL, Front Office Sports recently reported, citing data from Apex Marketing Group.

This figure accounted for print, digital, radio, television, highlights and social media monitoring Swift since she attended her first Chiefs game on Sept. 24, through Jan. 22—one day after her divisional-round appearance in Buffalo—and calculated a financial amount for each occurrence based on “reach and impact,” according to the report.

For the venal NFL owners and front office, Swift’s utility will have already been mined by the time the Super Bowl kicks off. Her fans who are so inclined will to tune in, which will boost ratings for the championship game. A Chiefs’ victory will provide little, if any, added value to the bottom line. There is the possibility that a Chiefs defeat may bring even more sympathy for Ms. Swift and her beau, Mr. Kelce. Regardless, there is the distinct likelihood that Swift won’t be able to attend the Super Bowl, as she is scheduled to be performing in Japan.

It is tempting to say the NFL brought some of this hostility from the right upon themselves, starting with the kneeling protests, etc. But, as a Lions fan, I can assure you that the Swift/Kelce affair is not the beginning of Detroit fans suspecting the NFL of going out of its way to screw our home team. Yet, the kneeling protests were just another sign of the cancerous “woke” idiocy infesting corporate America (and academia), while this latest assault on the audience was just an instance of the NFL being too cheap to hire full time referees. Nevertheless, it is ludicrous to conclude that craven NFL owners and the front office will risk cooking its multi-billion-dollar golden goose for anything or anyone. They will accommodate the times until it hurts their bottom line.

Not so the conspirators-in-chief. Their bottom line is turning former President Trump into a 21st century Grover Cleveland by making sure he holds two non-consecutive terms. Unfortunately, by peddling this sort of lunacy, they are doing the left’s work for them by discrediting the MAGA-GOP populist movement.

Ms. Swift endorsed Mr. Biden in the 2020 presidential election. It is no mystery that she will do so again. By promoting this paranoid Super Bowl scenario, the conspirators-in-chief are unwittingly abetting the left’s psyop that Taylor Swift’s endorsement constitutes an insurmountable obstacle for Trump’s reelection. This is why the regime media is pretending Swift will do anything other than endorse Biden—again—and enjoying themselves touting her alleged omnipotent electoral powers. It is all of a piece in the left’s attempts to depress the MAGA-GOP populist movement’s activism and turnout in the 2024 election. After all, the real motivation problem is on the left, where dissatisfaction with Joe Biden is becoming undeniable.

Moreover, the same leftist contingent in the press that is celebrating the relationship between Swift and Kelce is determined to discredit the MAGA-GOP populist movement as “radical, extreme, and dangerous.” Alleging that the NFL has rigged the Super Bowl to reelect Joe Biden helps to advance this false narrative, and even adds “insane” into the mix.

Yes, the left and its sock puppet media will spew all manner of “lies and damn lies” to smear the MAGA-GOP populist movement. At the same time, the left’s weaponization of government has resulted in the perpetration of actual conspiracies against Donald Trump, the MAGA-GOP populist movement, and all those who dissent from the woke agenda—the “Russiagate” lie, branding parents as domestic terrorists, and censoring stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop, to name just a few. In the face of such actual outrages that demand serious attention, it is critical the movement retains its credibility with mainstream America. We must recall what happens when one cries wolf too often, let alone when sounding the cry makes one sound bat-dung nuts.

Along those lines, there is one more pernicious impact from the ravings of these conspirators-in-chief. The MAGA-GOP populist movement’s most appealing aspect is its practicality, both in terms of its philosophy and policies. In sum, the MAGA-GOP populist movement is the antithesis of ideology, the destructive “armed doctrine” Edmund Burke warned about. Enthralled as they are with their hateful woke ideology’s insanity and contractions, the left is forced to censor and silence dissent and project its sins upon its victims. The project to defeat the left’s aim to “fundamentally transform America” is as straightforward an aim as can be imagined. As we engage in this battle, however, it can at times be difficult to avoid coming down to their level. But if we can remain calm, and seem normal, practical, and truthful, the electorate will respond favorably. If we act like the loony left … then not so much.

How can the MAGA-GOP populist movement avoid becoming the flip side of the ideological left it opposes? Never forget that leftist ideologues believe politics is life. The rest of America knows politics is merely part of life—and, for most, an unpleasant part at that. Act accordingly. You might just win elections and save the republic. And you’ll certainly spare yourself an ulcer, like the one I got having to perform this intervention.

To discredit the MAGA and GOP populist movement, the left doesn’t have to resort to disinformation if the movement is disinforming and discrediting itself.

Enough already.

(Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly noted that the poll cited in paragraph five was from Catholic Vote rather than Newsweek.)

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