Another week has come and gone, and here are some highlights and cultural trends.

Republicans Want to Draft Your Daughter

Whether your daughter ought to be compelled to sign up for spilling her guts in a regime-change adventure that will ultimately bring to power another Islamic regime is a question that has gone mainstream.  And that’s thanks to the collusion of the Obama regime’s Department of Defense and the me-too Republicans, whose obviously unconsidered responses in the GOP Presidential Debate revealed their utter ignorance of natural law and hatred for actual women.  They all seem to agree that, when it comes to war, men and women are exactly the same.  So far, Ted Cruz has been the only Republican candidate to speak something close to sanity on the notion that women should be compelled to sign up with Selective Service (“It is nuts”); Donald Trump hasn’t yet pronounced.  The whole episode raises an important question: On what basis do Republicans reject “gay marriage”?  Because men and women are naturally different, and no matter how butch a woman may appear, she cannot and should not do what only a man should do?  Oh.

The New Hampshire Race Card

The country’s first primary is in the books, and Trump and Sanders won yuge.  Hillary Rodham’s campaign blamed its stunning loss on the lack of colored people in the Granite State.  Apparently, only racist white people can feel the Bern, and no one is better suited to know this than the pasty-white wife of the first black president, Arkansas honky-tonk Lothario Bill Clinton, whose preference for white women is well known.  She further pursued this line in the Democratic debate last night, repeatedly attempting to scold the left-wing socialist Sanders for not supporting Barack Obama with all of his heart, mind, soul, and strength.  Sanders, who made some sane points about foreign policy amid his promises to unite the workers of the world, pointed out the obvious—that Mrs. Clinton campaigned rather nastily against the second black president a mere eight years ago.

Populist Demagogues

Both Democratic candidates are pounding the drums of populist demagoguery (a tactic the media, left and right, seems capable of accusing only Donald Trump of) in blaming Wall Street and the GOP for the financial crisis and the Great Recession.  But the reality is that the crisis was another ebony-and-ivory effort of Republicans and Democrats, Washington and Wall Street.  Sanders dares break wind with the words “Glass-Steagall”—a phrase Hillary would rather not mention.  A response to the Great Depression, the Glass-Steagall Act (1933) prevented your bank from using your money to play the ponies with risky investments—like the mortgage Ponzi schemes that created the real-estate bubble of the 2000’s.  What happened to Glass-Steagall?  The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999, crafted by three Republicans and signed by first black president Bill Clinton, which opened wide the floodgates of Wall Street’s champagne wishes and Washington’s caviar dreams.  The Dodd-Frank Act, President Obama’s response to the crisis—which Hillary is now touting as the bill that saved America—further bloated the ranks of Washington regulators, but it did not even address the core problem of banks operating as casinos.

If It Doesn’t Fit, You Must Acquit

Speaking of race-baiting and the 90’s, America is now gaga over FX’s The People v. O.J. Simpson.  The miniseries is the brainchild of homosexual activist Ryan Murphy, creator of the gayest shows on television—Glee and American Horror Story.  The latter has helped to make Lady Gaga a household name, as she portrayed a bisexual vampire who likes to cut men’s throats while having sex with them, finding fulfillment as blood pours from her partner’s severed jugular.  (Obviously, this made her America’s sweetheart and therefore the perfect choice for “performing” the National Anthem at Super Bowl 50.)  Murphy’s show on The Juice takes us back to a simpler time, when gay marriage was but a twinkle in the loins of Barney Frank, and a regime-change in Iraq was but a dream in the minds of Bill Kristol, Dick Cheney, and the rest of the “patriotic” neoconservatives.  Back then, the left (save Tipper Gore) was gaga over N.W.A. and the L.A. Riots—precipitated by the case of Rodney King, who was severely beaten by L.A. cops for driving while black (and drunk and at 80 mph) through a residential area.  Or at least that is the context into which Murphy places the brutal double homicide committed by Orenthal James.  The theme of the FX series, in a nutshell, is this: Of course O.J. did it, but the ultimate takeaway from Nicole Brown’s and Ronald Goldman’s violent exsanguination at the hands of an ex-NFL star (clad famously with bloody Isotoners) is that black lives matter.  Johnnie Cochran (heroically portrayed on FX by Courtney Vance) knew this from the beginning, and when Juror No. 6 (Lionel Cryer) flashed the Black Power fist at O.J., Cochran knew what the verdict would be.

Beyoncé and the Bearded Lady-Man

This reminds me again of the Super Bowl, which featured a magnificent defensive performance by Von Miller.  But this Bronco chase was incidental to the Halftime Experience, which was dominated by a cheeky Beyoncé and her S&M themed dancers.  “Queen Bey” performed her new hit, “Formation,” and while the portion in which she exclaims that “When he f— me good I take his ass to Red Lobster” was left out, she was sure to inspire young fans of the Obamas (who are fans of Beyoncé) to dream big with “I see it, I want it, I stunt, yellow-bone it / I dream it, I work hard, I grind till I own it / I twirl on my haters, albino alligators / El Camino with the seat low, sippin’ Cuervo with no chaser.”  This would appear to be a celebration of driving while drunk and black—but hold on.  Yellow-Bone is current slang for Beyoncé’s mixed-racial complexion, although there is scholarly debate as to whether, properly speaking, she’s actually a Red-Bone.  At any rate, her sexual prowess is her defining feature, and race-baiting her currency, as well as that of her dancers, who flashed the Black Power fist in between bumps and grinds.  Former Penn State scholar Sean Trainor (best known for his groundbreaking work “Fair Bosom/Black Beard: Facial Hair, Gender Determination, and the Strange Career of Madame Clofullia, ‘Bearded Lady’”) took to the pages of Salon to scold “liberal white guys” for their expressions of disgust at Bootylicious’s performance: “‘Formation’ is about black pride, country pride, pride in the lives, bodies, culture, and beauty of everyday Americans of color. It’s Bessie Smith and Robert Johnson for the twenty-first century. To celebrate hot sauce and Jackson 5 nostrils in the style of Bob Dylan or Neil Young would defeat the song’s purpose.”

Conservatives need to recognize this epidemic race-baiting race obsession for what it is: The left’s attempt to subdue as many in America’s black population as it can in a culture of degeneracy and political manipulation.

Another Definitive Issue

The March issue of Chronicles is hitting mailboxes and newsstands, and is already available on this site to subscribers.  The cover will look . . . familiar.  Chronicles is laying the groundwork for a rebirth of conservative thought, seizing the moment that Conservatism Inc.’s furor over Donald Trump is providing.  The March 2016 theme is “Against Ideology,” and includes definitive articles on genuine conservative thought.  Chilton Williamson, Jr., reveals the fallacies of leftist ideology; Jack Trotter demonstrates that the GOP Establishment’s obsession with democratic capitalism is not conservative; Scott P. Richert and Wayne Allensworth make their cases for conservative economic patriotism; and I call for a conservative reformation that eschews ideology altogether.  If you are not yet a subscriber, now is the time to become one, and if you know someone who does not get the magazine, now is the time to give a gift subscription.