Trump Is Right: The Left Wants a Bloodbath

Last week, with his warning at a campaign speech in Ohio of a “bloodbath” if he loses in November, Donald Trump has managed to stir up yet another media panic. The left calls the speech proof of Trump’s “extremism” and desire to incite violence. Trump and his defenders protest that he is once again being taken out of context by a deceptive and obtuse media, which still doesn’t understand the appeal of Trump’s plainspoken style. Trump’s inauguration speech was famously criticized for its stark—and truthful—portrait of a neglected American wasteland.

If Trump meant an economic “bloodbath,” his audience in Ohio—which is ground zero for many of Biden’s terrible economic policies—would have had no difficulty understanding him. Trump’s stream of consciousness style, admittedly, adds some interpretive challenges when not taken in full context, but even if one buys the notion that Trump was alluding to political unrest, it’s disingenuous to call what he said a threat. The left, in contrast, has chosen to win the election through ruthless lawfare, while claiming at the same time to be defending democracy. Left unchecked, the steps being taken to destroy Trump would tear the country apart.

Trump has justifiably described the effort to ban him from running as the beginning of “bedlam,” and the Supreme Court agreed, unanimously. A Trump loss is likely to be followed by the ugly spectacle of a former American president imprisoned by his arch political rival. On the other hand, a Trump victory is likely to provoke the left into a violent and insane frenzy. The last four years spent disparaging “election deniers” would be forgotten overnight and anti-government extremism, after years of “insurrection” hysteria, would once again become fashionable and moral. Any “mostly peaceful” riots that would occur would be justified as saving America from Trump and his racist, fascist agenda.

The “big lie” about Trump is that he is the prime mover of our national spiral. On the very day of Trump’s “bloodbath” speech, Joe Biden told a crowd of sycophant journalists in Washington D.C. that Trump represents a “poison” in the nation’s bloodstream and cracked a joke that would make Stalin smile: “Just yesterday, a defeated-looking man came up to me and said, ‘I’m being crushed by debt. I’m completely wiped out.’ And I said, ‘Sorry, Donald, I can’t help you.’”

Biden, of course, was mocking his opponent’s increasingly dire financial situation, a direct consequence of the partisan lawfare directed at him.  

Biden and the elites who support him are always pouring fuel on the fire, but they are permitted to pose as forces of moderation by an unwavering state propaganda machine that is pleased to call itself the “mainstream” media. Biden’s rabble-rousing is portrayed as noble, almost statesmanlike, and in defense of the nation’s highest ideals. This was the media’s takeaway from Biden’s unhinged State of the Union, which thrilled the left into partisan ecstasies with its almost Trumpian candor. Biden took the gloves off and “told it like it is” when he threatened the Supreme Court and the man he described contemptuously as “my predecessor.” The irony is that Trump was never half as petulant in his own official speeches, which always reflected his esteem for the office of the presidency.

In a rare moment of lucidity, Biden called Laken Riley’s Venezuelan killer an “illegal” but later apologized to his fringe base for being a little too truthful. Biden’s feckless response to the unnecessary murder of an American citizen is completely discrediting but not surprising. The radical extremists in power will never accept accountability for the wanton destructionthe bloodbath—they have wrought, which has become too obvious and overwhelming to deny. Anyway, there are bigger threats, like Trump and his scary words.

The self-described “adults in the room” who rule us are not concerned with trivial matters like stopping crime. They have much bigger ambitions like getting even with Western civilization and making sure that we can never again have clean and orderly elections on one day of the year.

Far from being an extremist, Trump represents the elusive hope what probably amounts to most Americans for a more normal and sane state of affairs. He is a hammer, and if we keep hammering enough, we just might break out of the asylum.

No one has yet explained how Trump would end “democracy,” but as usual for the left, it seems to be a case of projection. The ironic truth is that Trump—the Yin to the establishment’s Yang—is perhaps the last hope of holding things together.

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