Gee, this is the worst news I’ve had since the defeat at Stalingrad.  More than 80 former ambassadors to African nations sent a letter of protest to The Donald.  Even worse, Botswana, Ghana, Haiti, Namibia, Senegal, and the African Union have all protested Mr. Trump’s calling them shitholes.

I also protest.  Shithole is a term used by spoiled playboys to describe what has happened to places like the French Riviera, Miami Beach, and St. Moritz.  The Donald is not in the loop.  The African nations and Haiti should have thanked him for including them.  Especially when he used the picturesque word huts to describe their living quarters.  If only.

But let’s get serious.  Here’s America’s closest ally, once upon a time viewed as the anticolony that would welcome all freed slaves, until the slaves decided it was better to eat Jim Crow than be a big shot in Liberia.  My father owned a lot of Liberian-flagged ships—it was a flag of convenience, which means the ship owner pays a certain amount to a government official, and the latter stuffs it in his pocket.  Liberia is now called a success story, following the civil war of 2003.  A woman served two terms, and now it is an ex-footballer’s turn to be president.  This is a monumental improvement since the last regime-change, when an incoming president had the outgoing one’s ears chopped off while filming the chopping, and then also cut off his willy, but thankfully the cameras did not roll for that last Olympian gesture.

Fifty-four percent of Liberians live in poverty, despite the country’s abundant iron ore and rubber.  The four-eyed turds who work for the New York Times and have gone berserk since the shithole remark simply refuse to use the word corruption where the Third World is concerned.  Yet the richest continent in the world, starting with Nigeria, cannot feed its people, because the very few steal everything and leave nothing for the very many.  As Michael Burleigh writes in the Daily Mail, Nigeria has launched four satellites into space and is sitting on 35 billion barrels of oil, not to mention 100 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.  It all goes into the pocket of the elite; 136 million barrels of crude were illegally siphoned off in just two years.  Yet back in the states, the Orlando Furiosos are screaming against Trump.  Although the Times’s manifesto has always been a big lie, its biggest lie of all is when it chooses to ignore that corruption is not merely endemic in Africa, but the only way of every government in the Dark Continent.

The U.K. alone gives Nigeria one billion pounds every year, and for what?  It goes straight into the wallets of the few.  Better yet are shithole states like Uganda, where the president owns two Gulfstream jets; Gabon, whose president lives in an £85 million mansion; and the best (worst) of all, Equatorial Guinea, the poorest African state, whose boss’s son, Teodorin Obiang, owns 26 cars in Malibu alone, spent a million-and-a-half dollars on Michael Jackson memorabilia, has a beach mansion in Malibu worth five million greenbacks, and owns numerous houses in Paris, including an Avenue Foch mansion.

I can’t tell you how amusing I find it when the spittle-flecked hatred of the so-called journalists at the Times and CNN—combusting with self-importance—blather on about how Trump’s presidency needs to be brought down.  These are the same halfwits whose champion columnist, Paul (Quasimodo) Krugman, announced the impending collapse of the stock market the day following Trump’s election.

I’ve been to Haiti and all over Africa, where old Dad had factories; the only two places that worked after independence were Rhodesia and South Africa.  And you know what happened to them after the Europeans and Americans forced the big bad whites out.  Both places became much worse than shitholes and full of crime.

Dante would have considered present-day Somalia as one of his circles of hell, yet the bicoastal elite tell us to ignore it.  Norway, with the highest standard of living and income in the world, should not be compared with Haiti or Somalia, on their say-so.  Mogadishu once spanned a perfect sandy beach and was blessed with an historic old town and port and called itself the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.  Today, Trump’s adjective would be a blessing to its inhabitants.  It is the murder capital of the world.

Yet the reporters and pundits of Washington and New York who consider themselves the guardians of democracy are now concentrating on invoking the 25th Amendment and having Trump declared insane.  Having failed to defeat him in the election, the pundits decided to “fail” his presidency.  And his shithole remark has set them off in the manner of a cuckolded husband.  One Times columnist by the name of Leonhardt screamed that Trump proved he was a racist by implying that Haitians were inferior to Norwegians.  Haitians are inferior to Norwegians, and you can take that to the bank, coming from one who is no racist.