My wife keeps asking me how so many people seem to have the time to go out and demonstrate against  the brutality of “racist white cops.”  She asked a similar question, when there were regular marches against violence in the “community.”  In both cases, I explained that they are paid to demonstrate, much as the Unions pay non-unionized non-members to do the dirty work of picketing. In Rockford, as we learned, the marchers for peace were paid out of a government grant. The “Ferguson marchers,” we now know from a story in The Washington Times, have been feeding off $33 million paid by George Soros’s Open Society Foundation.

Most people who follow the news have been aware that over the years that this repulsive currency-manipulator has funded anti-Christian and homosexualist activism in Eastern Europe. Now, it appears that here in Obamastan he can get away with funding riots that destroy property and, if we include attacks on white policemen, actually take American lives. If I owned a shop that had been looted and burned or belonged to the family of a murdered policemen, I would know whom to sue. And, if we lived in a civilized country, Mr. Soros would be facing charges as an accessory before the fact to arson, robbery, looting, assault and murder.