Treat their election victory and new  majorities as a mandate for anything other than enjoying additional power and perks and maneuvering for the White House in the next election.

Repeal Obamacare.

Block the Obama illegal immigrant ukase (if he should pursue it). They may adopt some cosmetic “compromise” invented by PR men which will pretend to be both compassionate and firm, i.e. “moderate.”

Secure the southern border.

Replace Boehner and McConnell with leadership with some guts and principles.

Stop useless, dangerous, and counter-productive meddling in Eastern Europe, the Muslim world, and everywhere else.

Repudiate their neocon Trotskyite foreign policy.

Reign in the federal judges who are dictating “same-sex marriage” to the States.

Cut spending.

Eliminate any of the Great Society and subsequent institutions that are using taxpaper money to destroy traditional society.

Block any appointments of left-wing extremists to judgeships that Obama may make in his remaining time.

Do anything to stop the ongoing proletarianisation of the American middle class.