Red Rainbow

What’s astonishing (or, perhaps, moderately surprising, if we remain aware of what life in liveral America has taught us over the last two decades) is the media’s color blindness when it comes to making an ideological evaluation of the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s programmatic rhetoric. At a closer look, this agenda followed by the press-at-large seems oddly identical with all that emerges as theory and doctrine from the Institute of Policy Studies (an idea and research center which cloaks the old Marxian orthodoxy and the defense of the Soviet march into the future with modern, pseudopragmatic, independently radical phraseology). Rev. Jackson unabashedly proclaims the necessity of dismantling the American economic system by means of Federally sponsored distributive pressures and practices. He calls for social egalitarianism that will be gained not through democratic traditions, but thrugh quasitotalitarian prerogatives vested in the government and the bureaucracy. He declares an imperative to appease those international forces which we can rationallly and legitimately call hostile to America, and to accept their terms, their postulates, and their global actions against us. If this is not pure and simply the poltcal agenda of the domestic and foreign radical left, we do not know what is. But don’t hold your breath waiting for CBS, The New York Times, Harvard’s faculty, or the Chicago Tribune’s editorialists to call it by its proper name.