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A Lame Duck President?

A lame duck president? To suggest that this is Bill Clinton’s condition is to be unkind to handicapped fowl. Clinton and his colleagues seem to be on the brink of madness. The administration’s domestic policy moves are haunted by the ghosts of the impeachment process, while its foreign policy team stumbles like drunkards from pillar to...


A Bear in Sheep’s Clothing

The oft-used term “America’s European allies” is one of the greatest oxymorons of our time. “America’s European vassals” would be more appropriate, for American policy is virtually destroying our so-called “allies,” while aiding multinational corporations. This is not unlike the Soviet bear’s treatment of its Eastern European “allies” (read: minions), only more perfidious. The American...


Wall Street Boom, Main Street Doom

America’s economy is in great shape, government officials and the establishment media tell us. “Just look at the stock market,” they say, pointing at the record-breaking Raging Bull of Wall Street which set a new 12-month high of 9,377 in July. To such “bulls,” I say, “Bull!” Using today’s stock market as a barometer of...


Perpetual War for Perpetual Commerce

“Talk is cheap,” skeptics say. “Put your money where your mouth is.” “Money talks louder than words.” If these sayings still apply today, the wallets of the New World Order’s elite have spoken loudly and clearly: Russia is still the main bogey! Forget the cheap talk about a “Partnership for Peace.” Conniving “friendships” like that...


Wiping Out the Middle Class

Dawn is 25. Marty is 27. Dawn works as a preschool teacher at a local private Christian school. Marty is a laborer at a retail distribution center. This Phoenix, Arizona, couple with a small child bring home about $30,000 per year. Yet they could not afford to buy Christmas presents this year. Now, not putting...


Wall Street Imperialism

Parallels between the British Empire and the New World Order are striking. The principal difference is that the British crown relied on brute force to achieve its objectives, while the NWO elite mostly use financial terrorism (except for occasional raw power demonstrations, such as in the Gulf War or in Bosnia). The Great Asian Banking...