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More for the Money

The President's 2006 budget, called "austere" by some in the mainstream media, provides for an increase in spending for refugee resettlement by $154 million, allowing for the arrival of about 20,000 more refugees in 2006. President Bush has taken a personal interest in refugee resettlement . . . Subscribers Only Subscribe now to access the...


Faith-Based Immigration

Attempting to make dinner conversation at a May 2004 refugee contractors’ conference, I speculated about the chances of Serbs, now hounded and persecuted in Kosovo, coming to America on the U.S. refugee program.  In the last ten years, the percentage of Serbs in the Serbian province of Kosovo . . . Subscribers Only Subscribe now...


What Welfare Reform?

President Clinton has vowed to correct portions of welfare reform that are "carried out on the backs of immigrants." About half of the projected savings from the reform comes from limiting immigrant access to welfare. Refugees, who make up about one in seven legal immigrants, were spared most of . . . Subscribers Only Subscribe...


Welfareniks of the World Unite

Yuri Petrov (not his real name) immigrated to America from the Soviet Union ten years ago. Now Yuri wants his mother to move to America, but there is one problem. His mother doesn't want to leave her life and the rest of her family behind in Russia. Tired . . . Subscribers Only Subscribe now...


Free Pass to Disneyland

The economy Soviet émigrés leave behind is property called irrational. Consider the economy they enter in the United States as described in an article that recently appeared in the Soviet paper the Independent. "The benefits (in America) are real. Our son attended an excellent private school . . . Subscribers Only Subscribe now to access...