Attorney General Loretta Lynch attempted to censor the three 911 calls Omar Mateen made as he was slaughtering his 49 victims at an Orlando nightclub.  All references to Islam and the Islamic State—to which he pledged allegiance as he was slaughtering his victims—were initially scrubbed.  “What we’re not going to do is further proclaim this man’s pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups, and further his propaganda,” said Lynch.

The idea that this censorship (abandoned after a public outcry) was to thwart the spread of ISIS “propaganda” is nonsensical.  Everybody knows what Mateen said; the survivors haven’t been shy about telling us.  In an Orwellian media campaign that has only been partly successful, the Obama administration and its media camarilla have decided that the “narrative” has to be altered: This wasn’t a terrorist attack by an adherent of radical Islam but a “hate crime” committed by a “troubled” young man who had “issues” with his sexuality.  NPR laid down the party line, citing administration officials who were

struck by the fact that the shooter doesn’t seem to have exhibited any of the warning signs often associated with radicalization.  They’re exploring whether Mateen invoked ISIS’s name not because he follows that group, but perhaps in hopes of getting more publicity for his attacks.

The site of his murderous rampage, Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, is a gay bar, and his choice of targets—along with unsubstantiated rumors he was a closeted homosexual—bolstered the party line.  A headline from a McClatchy news story captured the meme: “Mateen Had a Troubled Past: Why Isn’t That the Story?”

What this counternarrative is designed to erase is the fact that in numerous Facebook postings made in the days before his rampage Mateen proclaimed allegiance to ISIS, attacked “filthy” Americans, and warned both the U.S. and Russia to stop bombing Syria.

“Stop bombing my country,” he reportedly yelled, as gunfire felled dozens.  Yet Mateen was born in the United States; his parents came from Afghanistan in the early 1980’s.  Mateen was a second-generation immigrant like his predecessor in terror, Syed Rizwan Farook, the perpetrator of the San Bernardino massacre, who was born to Pakistani immigrants who settled in Chicago.  Like Farook, Mateen traveled at least twice to Saudi Arabia.

Why this campaign of denial?

First, the Obama administration was caught flat-footed.  There were plenty of indications that Mateen was radicalized and ready to commit mass murder.  He was interviewed no fewer than three times by the FBI after claiming to have connections to terrorist outfits, and his links to the first American-born suicide bomber—who lived 30 miles south of him and attended the same mosque—were a subject of inquiry.  Both times the investigations were dropped.  We have also learned that the feds had tried to get him to turn informant; he rejected their advances.

In short, Mateen had “Potential Terrorist” written all over him, and yet—despite the mass surveillance of ordinary Americans, which we are told is necessary to prevent another September 11—he “slipped through the cracks.”  Those cracks have become canyons.

Second, there is Donald Trump.  For months, he had been warning of yet another San Bernardino in the works, calling for a ban on immigration from countries that harbor terrorism, and denouncing “political correctness” as the bane of our political discourse—and when Orlando confirmed it, the Obama administration and the media had to go to the barricades to “correct” the storyline, or else suffer the political consequences.

The War Party is beating the drums to reinvade Libya and attack Syria in order to “eradicate” ISIS, but the main danger is right here at home.  Second-generation sons (and daughters) of immigrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, etc., have among them a contingent of ticking time bombs.

Since we are engaged in continuous warfare in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and throughout the Muslim world, it’s only logical that some immigrants from those countries, and their offspring, will feel a murderous hatred for us.  So how logical is it for us to import yet more of these immigrants?  Hillary Clinton wants to bring 65,000 Syrian “refugees” to this country—and that’s just for starters.

We are fast approaching a time when a terrorist incident every couple of months will be the new normal.  Is this the kind of country we want to live in?

It’s time to pull up the drawbridges, end immigration from countries where radical Islam is rife, and withdraw from the Middle East.  And if this is “isolationism,” so be it.  Better isolation than destruction.