The enormity of what we’re up against is something I acknowledge in the abstract, but blank out of my consciousness 99 percent of the time.  It’s only when I come across an article like Alexander Rubinstein’s and Max Blumenthal’s recent exposé of the Omidyar Network that I’m jolted into awareness.  As the article published by MintPress News reveals, this political organization masquerading as a charity is so extensive, and reaches into so many ideological circles—from ultra-left open-borders agitators to Bill Kristol’s latest projects—and spans so many continents that, in reading about it in such detail, one wonders: Who could stand against it?

Born in Paris to Iranian migrants, Pierre Omidyar is the 51-year-old entrepreneur who founded eBay and rose to become one of the towering giants of Silicon Valley.  Unlike many other tech billionaires, however, he receives little to no media attention.

His investments range the political spectrum.  He’s financing almost single-handedly a wide variety of causes seemingly in conflict, from The Intercept, the online antiwar left-wing site associated with Glenn Greenwald, to the Alliance for Securing Democracy, a group set up by the Atlantic powers to keep the U.S. “engaged” in the world, to a whole panoply of other organizations with names like “Defending Democracy Together” (another one of Kristol’s projects).

Omidyar’s tentacles reach into the ostensibly libertarian movement, with hundreds of thousands of dollars coming into the Niskanen Center.

This outfit owes its existence to a small but chatty group of libertarian “scholars” who chafed even under the incredibly loose policy of the Cato crowd and went off the reservation with “liberal-tarianism.”

The Omidyar crowd is telling its libertarian “clients”: Forget all this free-market stuff, and, hey, what’s wrong with a little intervention abroad as long as it fulfills the demands of “democracy”?  The Niskanenites lap it up, pocket the cash, and go back to what is increasingly the main focus of the Omidyar empire: attacking and finally ousting Trump.

In just listing the various initiatives and projects taken up by Omidyar, it is dizzying to contemplate the resources available to the other wings of the oligarchical alliance.  George Soros can meet and match Omidyar, but there are several other contestants in this globalist philanthropy competition.  In the end, the bill must come to at least a billion dollars.

These billionaires have more resources, in many cases, than many governments—and are, potentially, just as dangerous as any full-fledged state.  Speaking of which, the most active and certainly the most powerful components of the grand anti-Trump alliance are the governments of several of our faithful “allies.”  The British, originators of the infamous “dirty dossier,” have been directing Russiagate from MI6 headquarters.  The intelligence services of Eastern Europe and the Baltics are also involved, as well as the Australians and the Israelis, both of whom interacted with George Papadopoulos, the Trump campaign worker who supposedly had knowledge of Clinton’s emails.

Which brings us to potentially the most dangerous of the anti-Trump forces: our own law-enforcement and intelligence officials, who have leaked, lied, and led a crusade to label a sitting president an agent of a foreign power.

It’s a brazen attempt to seize power and establish a precedent.  If the coup succeeds, no president will be able to take or stay in office without the imprimatur of the intelligence and law-enforcement agencies.

Will the American people stand for it?  The NeverTrumpers are counting on the indifference and disillusionment of the American people, hoping they’ll be hornswoggled by the sheer quantity of anti-Trumpism filling the airwaves and the pages of the nation’s newspapers.

The irony of the entire situation is that this bloody battle for supremacy is being waged against a backdrop of peace and growing prosperity.  Unemployment is the lowest since government agencies started keeping track, wages are up, and so are the President’s poll numbers.

Maybe the constellation of anti-Trump groups and alliances, the millions of dollars being spent daily to discredit him, and the yowling of the media isn’t so scary after all.