Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the French presidential election provides conclusive proof that no major European nation can save itself from demographic and cultural suicide through the electoral process.  That outcome is not merely a victory for status quo politics, which millions of lower-middle-class French people prefer, but a triumph of the globalist establishment.

Macron is a paradigmatic pastiche, almost a caricature, of Europe’s postmodern transnational elite.  He is a former international banker and fanatical Euro-integralist who wants an ever-tighter union ruled from Brussels.  He is an Islamophillic open-borders globalist, lovingly known among France’s urban progressives as the “French Obama.”  Last January he told the Süddeutsche Zeitung that critics of Angela Merkel’s open-door migration policy were guilty of “disgraceful oversimplification.”  In his opinion, by allowing over a million unassimilable and unvetted aliens into the country, “Merkel and German society as a whole exemplified our common European values.  They saved our collective dignity by accepting, accommodating and educating distressed refugees.”  Last February he lampooned Donald Trump’s promise to protect America’s southern border by promising never to build a wall of any kind.

More seriously, Macron’s “solution” to jihadist terrorism is more Euro-federalism: “We must quickly create a sovereign Europe that is capable of protecting us against external dangers in order to better ensure internal security,” he declared last March.  “We also need to overcome national unwillingness and create a common European intelligence system that will allow the effective hunting of criminals and terrorists.”  This is nonsense.  Many terrorist attacks in France, Germany, Belgium, etc., were carried out by Muslims who had been arrested or registered and presumably supervised by their host-countries’ security services.  The problem is not the absence of information sharing; the problem is that the number of Muslims exceeds the capacity of the security mechanism to manage the threat.

Most seriously, Macron is wilfully blind to the civilizational threat we all face.  He has said he believes that French security policy has unfairly targeted Muslims and condemned those who would “make secularism a weapon of combat . . . against Islam.”  Last fall he lambasted President Hollande’s  meek statement that “France has a problem with Islam.”  “No religion is a problem in France today,” Macron replied.  “[I]f the state is neutral, which is at the heart of secularism, we have a duty to let everyone practice his religion with dignity.”  Parroting Obama, he has said that the Islamic State is not at all “Islamic”: “What poses a problem is not Islam, but certain behaviors that are said to be religious and then imposed on persons who practice that religion.”

Macron is an evil idiot, so he will naturally occupy the Élysée Palace after a grotesque predecessor.  Marine Le Pen’s predictable defeat shows that the political process in the Western world is a charade with preordained outcomes.  The refusal of the Parisian elite class to protect France from Islam reflects a global problem that is a synthesis of all others, and goes beyond “Culture Wars.”  It is the looming end of culture itself.

Macron and his ilk promote an ideology of “universal human values,” of a “common culture” for the whole world.  In reality, however, he and other proponents of “diversity” are creating its exact opposite: a soul-numbing singularity, a dreary sameness of thought and inaction.  For all the outward differences, Macrons on both sides of the ocean share with the mullahs and sheikhs and imams a desire for a monistic One World.  They both long for the Great Gleichschaltung that will end in a Single Global Authority, postnational and seamlessly standardized, an umma under whatever name.  The Christian vision of the Triune God Who allows choice, diversity, individuality, and free will is the enemy of this vision.

Macron belongs to the elite class: rootless, arrogant, cynically manipulative, and irreversibly jihad-friendly.  He will “fight” the war on terrorism without naming the enemy, without revealing his beliefs, without unmasking his intentions, without offending his accomplices, without expelling his fifth columnists, and without ever daring to win.  He embodies France’s loss of the will to define and defend one’s native culture, and the pan-European loss of the desire to procreate.

Communities bonded by memory, language, faith, and myth might still be revived, but a catastrophic, life-altering event is needed.  And in adversity the eyes of men and women might be lifted, once again, to Heaven.  Even before this happens—and it will happen—normal people should not succumb to passivity.  The game is not up.  The Dar al Islam is not the inevitable end of the road for France, Macron or no Macron.  We are endowed with feelings and reason, with the awareness of who we are.  The struggle of true Frenchmen and women to defend themselves against population replacement and cultural suicide is just, even if the outcome is uncertain.  In the face of this uncertainty they will hold on to life, and beauty, and truth.  And the political process be damned.  


[Image credit: By Lorie Shaull (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0]]