In the first week of September 1792 the French Revolution entered its openly terroristic phase with the massacre of some 1,600 prisoners in Paris. It was an outrage euphemistically called les Journées du Septembre (or the September Days). It was justified by the claim that the country was in danger from foreign enemies and domestic counter-revolutionaries. Most of the victims did not pose any threat, but their slaughter cemented the power of the murderous Jacobin cabal.

In August 1918, the Bolshevik revolution reached a critical juncture with the attempted assassination of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin by Fanny Kaplan. It was used to unleash a massive campaign of red terror, which claimed hundreds of thousands of lives of designated class enemies over the ensuing three years. It was the template for numerous subsequent terror campaigns by Communist regimes and movements in the USSR and other countries, most notably in China, which destroyed tens of millions of lives over the ensuing half-century.

On Jan. 30, 1933, against his better judgment, Germany’s President Paul von Hindenburg—a conservative war hero—appointed Adolf Hitler chancellor. Initially Hitler headed a coalition government in which his National Socialists had only three ministerial posts. Four weeks later, an unhinged Dutch Communist started a fire that engulfed the Reichstag building. Whether the Nazis knew of the arsonist’s intent and allowed him to proceed is still disputed. They used the event to rush through a sweeping piece of legislation, das Ermächtigungsgesetz (the Enabling Act), granting Hitler total dictatorial powers.

On Jan. 6, 2021, what happened in Washington, D.C., was a mostly peaceful protest—the term is fully applicable here for once—followed by a section of the crowd breaking into the Capitol building. An unarmed, white, female veteran with 14 years of service was killed by the police. The protesters were neither “far right” nor “neo-Nazi.” They were overwhelmingly regular, patriotic Americans. Unlike in Seattle, Portland, and Minneapolis, there was no arson, no looting, no random violence against passersby.

We do not know whether this “storming” of the Capitol was aided and abetted by agents provocateurs of the American permanent state, or merely allowed to proceed in order to reap its premeditated benefits. Either way, the event—as promptly framed by the corporate media—suited the interests of the incoming regime and its media cohorts to a tee. Within hours, the deplorable sore losers were transformed into coup-attempting terrorists.

The old lessons of Paris, Petrograd, and Berlin were applied with gusto, not least by Joseph Biden himself. He sounded positively Leninist in his rage. “They weren’t protesters. Don’t dare call them protesters,” he said. “They were a riotous mob. Insurrectionists. Domestic terrorists. It’s that basic, it’s that simple.”

The rest of Biden’s address heralded the new regime’s agenda. The Capitol “riots” were a damning verdict against Trump’s entire presidency, as he had “unleashed an all-out assault on institutions of our democracy.” Trump’s appointments of textualists to the Supreme Court undercut justice. His complaints that Obama’s officials were spying on his campaign were but an attack on America’s intelligence services. His calling out of media bias was tantamount to an attack on the “free press.”

The following day, Facebook and Twitter suspended Trump’s accounts, supposedly to prevent him from “inciting further violence.” In reality Trump never encouraged his supporters to storm the Capitol, let alone to stage a coup. The assertion that he made an incendiary call to arms assumes that there was a hidden wink and nudge visible only to MAGA hat wearers. If you don’t buy the narrative, you are a deplorable racist swine who should and will suffer consequences.

The reality is that a totalitarian regime is being set up in Washington with the active connivance of all segments of the Permanent State.

The storming of Congress will usher in a wave of anti-Deplorable terror, finalizing the rolling coup d’etat that began even before Trump’s inauguration four years ago. Under Biden’s regime of dubious legitimacy, federal agencies spying on Americans and keeping them in check will get massive funding and whatever legislative measures they need to keep so-called domestic terrorists cowed or jailed. Half the nation will be delegitimized and disenfranchised.

All of the above may well be in the American interest only if the coming ordeal, to which real Americans will be subjected, makes them resistant to the leftist-neoconservative Gleichschaltung (or “Coordination,” a Nazi term meaning totalitarian control) and unafraid to resist as they deem fit. The ugly face of woke totalitarianism is visible to all. Each and every one of us will have to make his choice and take his stand. The 21st century may well be an exciting time to be alive after all. ◆