Houston now has a professional soccer team, which is not something I’m especially excited about.  The team’s initial moniker, however, apparently got a rise out of the Bayou City’s “Latino” residents, many of whom, we are told, “only came here to work.”  Not only did these supposedly friendly worker bees get upset, but many of their leaders screeched at the top of their lungs about the proposed name of the team, “Houston 1836”—1836 being the year the city named after Texas hero Sam Houston was founded, as well as the year Texas won its independence from Mexico.  Those who only came to work have started acting as though they are here to stay.  The name of the team, you see, was an insult to their identity.

Admittedly, Houston 1836 doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, though there was a nice alternative—the “36ers.”  But that would never do.  Anyway, how many real Americans give a damn about soccer?  Who do the team’s owners think will come see the games?  Maybe those friendly folks who only came here to work would bring their families if only the owners changed the name of the team to something like “the Dynamo.”  Then maybe those friendly folks, who really share our values, might not even boo during the national anthem, or throw beer bottles on the field, or urinate in the parking lot, or attack Americans waving their national banner, or do other un-nice things they have been observed doing on other occasions in other cities where they only came to work.

One rather naive blogger wondered what all the fuss was about.  Are the British insulted by the NBA’s 76ers?  What about the 49ers—California was once part of Mexico, too, wasn’t it?  But the naive blogger, like a lot of Americans these days, has no historical memory—and seems to think nobody else does, either.  This, in a state where Cinco de Mayo is now a bigger holiday than March 2 (Texas Independence Day).  “Anglos”—that is, white Americans—are now a minority in the Lone Star State, as in sunny California.  And those friendly people who share our family values and only came here to work are now the largest racial/ethnic group in Texas.  And they have been clamoring to have their story told—no more heroic tales of the Alamo, but only those that recall how mean-spirited “Anglos” raped the continent and did only bad things, especially to La Raza and other People of Color.  They are telling us who is now in charge.

They were telling us the same thing when all those Spanish-language signs, posters, and even ballots started appearing, and when Spanish-language TV stations began advertising businesses that are “100% Mexican owned.”  They have come not only to work but to enrich our culture, not with fine cuisine or bull rings or piñatas, but with gang bangers and a disregard for law, order, and public hygiene.

They were reminding us of the way things are during those protest marches in March and April.  They didn’t like the idea of people who have violated U.S. sovereignty being “criminalized.”  And they wanted to let President Jórge Bush (whom they despise, by the way—what’s not to despise about a nation that won’t defend its territory?) know that they would not stand for anything like that in the lands they are now reconquering.

Chronicles readers will please excuse my flippant and, yes, bitter tone.  I have grown weary of conservatives—or any reasonable people—prefacing comments on immigration with an overly sentimental phrase about how some of their best friends are “Hispanic” or how hardworking folks from south of the border are.  We all seem to have absorbed the leftist Zeitgeist: Shouldn’t we always be more concerned with foreigners/minorities than with our own people?   Isn’t it “selfish” to put America and Americans first?  Oh, by the way, I am not a “racist.”

I am well aware that our friends from La Raza, the MS-13 mob, and even Al Qaeda have been aided and abetted by our own traitorous elite, who are more despicable than the gang bangers, reconquistas, and terrorists.  Sam Francis explained to us that the managerial elite had decided to destroy national identity as part of its utopian, blasphemous dream of globalization.  And La Raza, militant Muslims, and other masses of aliens are the foot soldiers used in a great battle that is simultaneously antiwhite, anti-American, and anti-Christian.  Islam may be a fine vehicle for such a plan, uniting the aliens and giving them an ideological/religious vehicle to further their war on what the late Susan Sontag once called a cancer on the face of the earth.

Indeed, with Europe’s homegrown population shrinking rapidly and both Europe and America being overrun by aggrieved aliens, it is small wonder that those aliens are moving in for the kill.  That is the way of the world.  Racial, ethnic, and religious groups always compete for territory, status, and resources.  As Thomas Fleming noted at last year’s meeting of the John Randolph Club, we are talking about peoples who have not just a different point of view but different histories.  Nietzsche called this assertion of self the Will to Power, but any Christian will recognize this as the egotistical state of fallen mankind—and of a quite natural imperative of identifying with one’s own extended family.  It is one reason we have national boundaries.  Preventing violence, racial and religious strife, and preserving order and the well-being of our own people are good reasons for defending those boundaries.

Search the internet for photos from the recent mass-immigration protests, and you will see signs among the Mexican flags on display telling us that we Americans are the real aliens.  And you will occasionally see some black militants, and other highly agitated People of Color, among the protestors, bearing signs warning “honkies” of what the future holds in store for them.  These scenes call to mind Sam Francis’s term “anarcho-tyranny.”  True, the marches have been mostly “peaceful,” if that is how one should describe a mob of aliens demanding their “rights” in a foreign land.  But the fire next time may be a conflagration we cannot put out—or even control.

There have been a host of good reasons given for favoring immigration control and border security: protecting the environment; defending America’s poorest citizens against unfair economic competition (Where are those liberals who have posed as the defenders of the downtrodden? Where are black leaders when their people really need them?); protecting our standard of living; and preventing terrorist attacks and the importation of criminal aliens.  But the time has come to emphasize national survival.  For me, defending the nation means defending my children.  If the fate of white farmers in what used to be Rhodesia, or of Russians who used to live in Chechnya, is any indicator of what the future might hold (and I think it is), then that is all the reason we need to defend our borders.

For 30 years, Chronicles has fought the good fight in what has come to be called America’s Culture War.  Our writers and editors have defended the right to life and decried abortion; asserted the rights of states and local communities against the federal leviathan; denounced pornography and destructive cultural trends; and defended Christianity against the Christophobes.  We have called for fiscal prudence, limited government, and a foreign policy based on American national interests, while attacking empire.  We have defended property rights, the principle of judicial restraint, and the many small enclaves of distinct subcultures traditional to our great land.  But our culture warriors must understand that if (or when) the day comes when whites are a minority in America, when our country is nothing more than a mass of tribes competing for power and privilege, and when the Evil and Stupid Parties finally merge, then none of the causes I mentioned above will matter any longer.