The NATO airstrikes against the Republic of Yugoslavia have suddenly precipitated us 60 years back. We find ourselves faced with events which strangely resemble the aggression directed by Germany, first against Czechoslovakia, then, with the aid of the Soviet Union, against Poland. It was striking to hear President Bill Clinton compare his “essentially humanitarian” action in Yugoslavia to the solitary resistance of Winston Churchill and Great Britain in 1940 to the conjoined alliance of Nazi and communist totalitarianism. In fact, today we are dealing with aggression on the part of the United States and their allies against a sovereign nation which, while at peace with its neighbors, has to face a violent interior revolt. For those whose memory is short, the alliance that so quickly routed Poland in 1939 united Nazi German totalitarianism with Russian communist totalitarianism in a single will to continental hegemony.

President Clinton is playing precisely the role that Adolf Hitler played in 1939, and his country, the United States of America, now plays the part of Nazi Germany. But the will to hegemony is no longer local, continental, and European; it has taken on worldwide, universal, total dimensions.

The resemblances between the aggression programmed by NATO against the Yugoslav Republic and both that of Germany against Czechoslovakia and of the Russo-German alliance against Poland are striking: the same confidence in brute force; the same disdain for legal obligations and restrictions; the same disdain for international institutions and for the law of nations, a precise law replaced by the universalization of the rights of man, open to every abuse and pretext; the same will to geopolitical hegemony; the same preparation, the same ideological justification of a pure aggression by propaganda campaigns; the same utilization of ethnic (nationalist) demands in order to intervene in the affairs of an independent state at peace with all its neighbors.

But the differences are equally striking: the will to power (hegemony) of NATO is no longer merely continental, but worldwide; the ability of any state to resist the American and European polities of utilizing apparently irresistible brute force to resolve problems of international politics is virtually non-existent. By contrast, in 1939, an important part of the world’s nations were in a position to resist Nazi-communist aggression.

Today’s means of propaganda are infinitely more sophisticated and effective than those at the disposal of Goebbels and the Comintern at the time. The ideology spread by this propaganda is no longer that of race or of class, but a new religion, the moralizing humanism of the Rights of Man, a religion that seeks to defend the pretended universal rights of an abstract and global man. The ideology behind which the violence of the NATO forces hides is moralizing and pantheistic. This moralizing and religious screen makes it much more difficult today than 60 years ago to offer any resistance to the social and political propaganda of the totalitarian ideologies of the day. The speeches of the chiefs of state trying to justify this exercise of brute force have a fundamentally religious character. We are evidently dealing with a new war of religion, and this time it is carried on in the name of the new god: Man.

Finally, the world economy today is in an extremely precarious condition, menaced as it is by the threat of the deflation of the enormous speculative financial bubble which is nourishing American prosperity in a perfectly artificial manner.

Today, with Serbia’s refusal to surrender to the aggression of a West that refused to understand her, we see ourselves faced with one of the last possibilities of resistance by a state to the project of a totalitarianism claiming world power, the brutal action of which we see unrolling across our continent. It is at least strange to be obliged to affirm that the last bastions of liberty in the world depend for their survival on the capacity of Russia and China to resist the madness of world domination of the American-European alliance.

We must incessantly affirm and repeat this: The resistance of the entire Serbian people to the bloody aggression of a West united in a murderous and destructive madness appears to be one of the last chances open to nations to preserve even a semblance of political liberty. After an independent South Africa has been forced to its knees, making it a Marxist satellite of the United States, and after the government and most of the political class of the Swiss Confederation has been reduced to the level of valets of international power, it is now the turn of the Republic of Yugoslavia to pay the price of its pretension still to exercise its national sovereignty. But we shall see how difficult it is to reduce to nonexistence a people that prefers death to slavery.

That which had to happen has happened. Years of media calumnies seeking to demonize Serbia have attained their goal. Woe to every nation that will dare to oppose even the least scrap of resistance to the wills of the bestial empire (the Beast, Revelation 13) which has today become American. Despite its faults and its undeniable sins (but is it alone in this?), the Serbian people and their president have known how to remain faithful to their history, preferring, as so often in the past, sacrifice to dishonor and to cowardice. This people is thus becoming, by an unprecedented divine grace, the revealer of this limitless iniquity that has conquered the whole West.

Now with the public evil installed in the sight of all at the highest level of the American state, largely approved by the nation, openly endorsed by the Pope himself, and legally whitewashed by the Senate, it is evident today that the protective hand of God, which was still holding back the power of darkness from totally submerging a West that has gone astray, has been withdrawn.

In this tragic situation there remains one single consolation for us Swiss: In spite of the world-embracing politics of our rulers, we are not yet, thank God, officially taking part in this bloody farce. Today, as in 1939, we must hope for the total confusion of the nations that, under the mask of the most beautiful humanitarian sentiments, are animated by a brutal and limitless will to power. Let us pray God that He may reduce to nonexistent the shameless actions of a once- Christian West, which, in its apostasy and to its loss, has become the dwelling place of an incredibly perverse political spirit.