Security has always been a key issue for conservatives and nationalists worldwide.  But that’s not the case in Greece.  So voters in the homeland of democracy, displeased by riots and anarchy, the inability of the government to put down the protests, and the effects of the financial crisis, have reacted angrily against the “conservatives” on whose watch the chaos took place.

In the national election held on October 4, they voted against the “right-wing” ruling party, New Democracy, giving it only 33.48 percent of the vote.  (One year ago it was leading the polls.)  Instead, Greeks voted for the “progressive,” pro-immigration, pro-American (and explicitly pro-Obama) socialist party PASOK (43.92 percent), which had threatened during the election campaign to annul agreements signed with Russia for a new energy pipeline in favor of American interests and an agreement with a Chinese state-owned company regarding Piraeus harbor.  A party with a multicultural approach and an obsession with “human rights,” PASOK also threatened to naturalize 200,000 immigrants.  Greece is becoming another multicultural American base.

The decision of the Greek electorate is difficult to explain.  Today, Spain, Portugal, and Great Britain are the only other E.U. states with socialist governments.  The Labor Party in Britain is disintegrating, while in Spain, the socialists lag behind in the polls.  In Portugal, the socialists recently managed to renew their mandate in a landslide victory.  But everywhere else in Europe—including Italy, France, and Germany—right-wing governments rule.  (In Germany, the Christian Democrats recently won the election for parliament, and the Social Democrats scored their lowest since the late 1940’s).  In the European parliament, the European People’s Party is more than dominant.

In Greece, however, New Democracy has adopted a centrist strategy and liberal rhetoric in an attempt to attract “moderate” voters.  The exponent of this silly “middle ground” theory, an unpopular advisor to ex-prime minister Kostas Karamanlis, has caused a catastrophe for the right in Greece.  The numbers speak for themselves: New Democracy has paid a very high price for its left-wing turn.

The imminent result of this left turn by Greek voters will be more immigrants and naturalizations in Greece, more taxation, and the adoption of policies to serve American (and multinational-business) interests.  In the age of multiculturalism, globalization, and American dominance, there is no room for national sovereignty and independence.