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Murder by Leftism

In early May, four people lost their lives when rioters set fire to a bank in downtown Athens, then prevented rescue workers from reaching the facility.  Those deaths serve as a warning by leftists and anarchists that anyone who dares


Silence the Opposition

The Socialist Greek government is crafting and carrying out policies that appear to have come straight from the Soviet playbook in efforts to repress the conservative opposition, which came out of last October’s elections heavily wounded.  Those who oppose Greece’s


Greece on the Skids

The economic crisis is on the minds of everyone in Greece, and James Carville’s “It’s the economy, stupid” is on the lips of many Greek politicians.  The Hellenic economy is collapsing, and the huge and counterproductive public sector has failed


Left Turn In Greece

Security has always been a key issue for conservatives and nationalists worldwide.  But that’s not the case in Greece.  So voters in the homeland of democracy, displeased by riots and anarchy, the inability of the government to put down the


A Modern Greek Tragedy

Greece is under the influence of an aggressive (and violent) left, which has made common cause with liberals in an attempt to eliminate every vestige of the Hellenism that is so deeply rooted in the psyche of the indigenous population.