Every Aprilsince1981theAmericanSocietyof journalists and Authors sponsors an “I Read Banned Books” campaign. Theyroutinelytrotoutcopiesofchildren’sbookslikeAlicein Wonderland or Maty Poppins and modern

classics like Ulysses—all of which have been censored

by somebody somewhere. One of them inevitably quotes Jefferson ontolerating”errorofopinion,”andsomeprofessionallibrarianis suretowarnusthatiftheprudeshavetheirway,theywillsoon be removing copies of Shakespeare and the Bible from the library shelves. This year the New York City Library has chimed in by commemorating 1984 with an exhibition, Censo1,hip:500Yea,,ofConflictTheexhibitioncatalogueis avolumeofessayscelebratingabsolutefreedomofexpression. In his preface, Arthur Schlesinger Jr. discovers only