Ideology as Prognosis

Village Voice, the chief organ of the radical-industrial complex (a multi-billion-dollar enterprise in left-wing snobbery whose chief products include: mattresses, vociferous anti-Americanism, mink coats, elitist social engineering, rock music, phony populism, instantly disposable footwear, recreational fornication, drugs, trendy political ardors for terrorist “underdogs” such as El Salvador guerillas, PLO, etc.), assessing Mr. Gray Hart’s chances in the Ohio primary:

As he campaigned across Ohio last week, Gray Hart was committing political suicide.

In a state where recession still very much in evidence — unemployment in Cleveland stands at 17 percent — Hart steadily attacked the Chrysler bailout and Mondale’s support of it.

The bailout of Chrysler has become the symbol of a revived auto industry and a revived economy. Right or wrong, people think it means jobs. It’s widely viewed as a victory for the UAW, organized labor, and American business.

But Hart argues that Chrysler is wrong — that free enterprise should prevail.

Mr. Hart won in Ohio. cc


The Trial

The perception that in Vietnam we fought the right war for the right reasons in the right place and at the right time had begun slowly to suffuse larger and larger segments of our society. It was thus time for the central command of the liberal mind control over America to do something about that wayward and vitiated sort of thinking. Good enough, CBS concocted the by-now-notorious documentary on General Westmoreland and his sins. Gradually, the print-media people — always eager for a bit of schadenfreude at TV’s expense, all ideological loyalties notwithstanding — unveiled how the Westmoreland caper was brewed, blended and distilled. Nothing Kafkaesque was involved, actually, just a brutal, callous, primitive character assassination, boots-in-the-dung style, no refined murder technique whatsoever. At the same time, the exposure of CBS’s deviousness offers perspectives permitting the nation to see, feel, and know what a moral swamp the liberal communication complex really is. cc