1st Lt. Andrew J. Bacevich, R.I.P.

More terrible news out of Iraq:

The Defense Department today (Monday) announced 27-year-old 1st Lieutenant Andrew J. Bacevich of Walpole was killed yesterday (Sunday) when an improvised bomb exploded while he was on a patrol in the Salah Ad Din Province.

His father — Andrew J. Bacevich — is a Boston University professor and a vocal critic of the war.

Professor Bacevich has been a contributor to Chronicles for years, and he wrote some of the best analyses of the foolishness of this war that we’ve published.

Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family today. May the Lord grant eternal rest to his son.

(Found via A Conservative Blog for Peace, by way of The Western Confucian.)

UPDATE: The New York Times has an extensive article today:

His father, with whom he frequently exchanged e-mail, kept his views separate from his feelings about his son. Professor Bacevich insisted that journalists quoting him about the war not mention that his son was serving in it. And when colleagues asked how his son was doing, “he always indicated fine, no problem,” Professor Keylor said.

Professor Corgan said: “He didn’t go around wailing or gnashing teeth — it’s just not his way. Stoic, I think is the word. He was proud that his son chose to serve his country and so forth. What I saw was a parent sort of holding his breath.”

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