Austrian MP Excoriates the Tolerance Romantics

Austrian MP Excoriates the Tolerance Romantics by • December 7, 2010 • Printer-friendly

For decades, we have seen a spurious “tolerance” used to help undermine Western traditions and transform Western nations. Under this phony “tolerance,” Western symbols are banished and non-Western symbols exalted. “Tolerance” views with suspicion any expression of national sentiment by Westerners, while indulging all expressions of such sentiment by non-Westerners. “Tolerance” also demands unlimited non-Western immigration into the West and decries any effort to assimilate non-Westerners. Thus, “tolerance” leads to crucifixes being removed from European classrooms even as minarets begin dotting Western skylines and to formerly European cities becoming Islamic enclaves even as Islamic nations continue to harass and persecute Christians.

One European who is fed up with this phony tolerance is Austrian MP Ewald Stadler, who seemed to embody the spirit of Eugene of Savoy in responding to the Turkish ambassador’s criticism of Austria for failing to treat Turkish immigrants with sufficient “tolerance.” Those who are interested in Stadler’s spirited denunciation of the Turkish ambassador and European “tolerance romantics” can find a video of Stadler’s speech to the Austrian parliament with English translation here.

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