Blowback: “Kosovars” Strike Again

Blowback: “Kosovars” Strike Again by • March 3, 2011 • Printer-friendly

The jihadist murder of two American servicemen by a “Kosovar”-Albanian Muslim at Frankfurt Airport on March 2 combines the fruits of the United States’ criminally misguided Balkan policy over the past two decades and of Europe’s suicidal immigration policy since the 1960’s. While it is probably too late to have either of them reversed, hope springs eternal: the deaths of two young Americans should remind us of where we stand with “Kosovars” in particular and Jihadist infiltrators into the Western world in general.

Kosovo’s Albanians we know from the news fall into two categories. One group consists of “Kosova’s” pro-Western, secular, democratic leaders with whom Hillary Clinton feels “honored to be friends and partners.” They are also, as the Western powers have known all along, mass murderers and organ harvesters, starting with “Prime Minister” Hashim Thaci. They are Europe’s leading drug smugglers, arms and people traffickers. They are among the world’s richest Mafia bosses—er, “controversial tycoons”—like “President” Behgjet Pacolli. They run the most lawless, violent, depraved entity in today’s Europe.

Another group of media-visible Kosovo Albanians are Islamic terrorists like Arif Uka (21) who was shouting Allahu Akbar! and Jihad, Jihad! as he opened fire in Frankfurt. This was an act of Islamic terrorism, of course, but the German authorities tried to pretend, at first, that this episode of Sudden Jihad Syndrome had nothing to do with terrorism.

Frankfurt Airport was the scene of yet another instance of what I’ve described as the Kosovo Blowback. In May 2007 four Albanian Muslims from Kosovo, plus a Turk and a Jordanian, were arrested for conspiring to attack Fort Dix and “to kill as many soldiers as possible” (U.S. Attorney’s Office). The mainstream media were reluctant to name them as Albanians but referred to them as immigrants from the former Yugoslavia.

Just like his German colleague on the day of the Frankfurt attack, White House spokesman Tony Snow was quick to assure us back in 2007 there was “no direct evidence” that the men arrested in the Fort Dix plot have ties to international terrorism. He was lying, but his meta-message was clear: The Administration knew that it could not keep the Albanian identity of four “Yugoslav” suspects concealed, but it wanted to pre-empt any suspicion that an independent KosovA would become a black hole of jihad-terrorism in the heart of Europe. Washington was too busy laying the ground for Pristina’s unilateral declaration of independence nine months later.

It is to be expected that, in the same spirit, Frankfurt will be spinned by the mainstream media and Thaci’s friends and enablers—such as Mrs. Clinton—as follows:

  • Lone gunman, perhaps deranged, or traumatized by “Serbian crimes against his people.”
  • Kosovo Albanians are shocked, express grief and horror, eternal love for America.
  • CAIR & Co. condemn the attack, warn against Islamophobia and hasty conclusions.
  • This isolated incident does not reflect in any way on the nature of the “Kosovar” society.
  • Even less does it justify questioning Kosovo’s “right to independence,” which is absolute.

We have been assured by successive U.S. administrations that Kosovo’s Albanians are largely secular. Thaci’s enablers insist that even when they desecrate and destroy Christian churches, they do it for reasons of “revenge” against the Serbs rather than Islam. When these Albanian “secularists” reveal themselves as Islamic terrorists, the episode is dismissed as untypical. Asking what this transformation bodes for a new Muslim state in the heart of Europe is still verboten in America, but no longer in Europe.

Dick Marty’s revelations about Thaci’s gory criminality and the latest instance of his émigré compatriots’ Jihadism should help unmask the web of lies and distortions that has guided U.S. policy in the Balkans for years. Should, but won’t. This is America, AD 2011.

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