Call Me Simple . . .

Call Me Simple . . . by • May 11, 2010 • Printer-friendly

But I don’t understand:

Why the government spends billions on welfare but people keep saying hunger is a big problem.

Why the government spends billions on education and the population gets dumber and dumber.

Why the government spends billions on “intelligence” and defense but could not prevent September 11.

Why pointless filthy language has taken over in popular entertainment

Why every newspaper and TV news program has exactly the same reaction to every event.

How America stopped being a Christian country.

Why American fighting men had lots of Confederate symbols around in World War II but the armed forces now class them with swastikas.

Why all the generals you see on TV seem more like bureaucrats than soldiers.

Why all the recent Supreme Court appointments seem odd.

Why there are almost no Anglo-Saxon Protestants on the Supreme Court although the U.S. was founded by Anglo-Saxon Protestants.

How all those Muslim terrorists got into the country and became citizens and even army oficers.

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