More Cultural Revolutions

A military friend told me that General McChrystal was among the most highly regarded senior officers in the American military.  Now, according to a Washington Post story, it seems he has to play McClellan to Obama’s Lincoln, that is, an intelligent and effective officer forced to work with immoral and incapable political leaders.

Our esteemed webmaster and I have put our heads together, and he is designing a box with this rubric for short snippets, links, etc.  But, if brevity is the soul of wit, it is also the mother of irrelevant irreverence.  For that reason we are not going to permit comments once the feature is installed.  We are, however, going to widen the circle of commentators to include more Chronicles contributors and  some regular commentators on this site.  Editors and colleagues, if they lack the ability to post directly into this column, can send me or Aaron Wolf their text, and one of us will insert it.  There is a delay of perhaps 45 minutes between the time a piece is posted and the time it appears.  Eager readers should go directly to the Cultural Revolutions rubric at the top of Chronicles home page.

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