Enemies of the People

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President Obama, in his perpetual quest for public approval, has embarked on a peace initiative.  It will now be easier for Cuban Americans to send more money out of the USA back to their relatives to stimulate the moribund Cuban economy, and President Unpronounceable of Iran will not have to cut back on his nuclear weapons program if he wishes to have direct talks with the United States.

I do not object to an improvement in US-Cuban relations—though I wish it were more Realpolitik and less an expression of solidarity with a Communist dictatorship—and, after all the mischief stirred up by George Bush’s incredibly stupid “axis of evil” speech, we may be compelled, for the moment at least, to pretend the Iranian political class is anything but what it is:  the vilest and most duplicitous set of thieves and scoundrels ever to hold power in a Muslim country.  As a Turk or an Arab, if you won’t take my word for it.

Perhaps you are thinking that,  after gunning down those Somali pirates all by himself, President Barry feels in a generous mood. That would be a serious mistake.  He has never had any problem in cozying up to the enemies of our country.  He has seen the enemy and it is us, the American people who enslaved his ancestors. All right, his father was actually a Kenyan but it is the same thing.  He is so loyal to his Kenyan ancestry that he appears to have returned a bust of Churchill to the British—Churchill cracked down on the Mau Mau terrorists.  Could anyone have ever dreamed that we would have a Mau Mau fellow traveler as a president?  If we needed any further  evidence for Obama’s contempt for ordinary Americans, consider a special warning issued to police departments by the head of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano.

Right-wing extremists are plotting to capitalize on Obama’s unpopularity with bigots, wars Napolitano—a snapping turtle in need of a facelift.  These extremists include  the usual suspects—gun nuts and racists—but also people who oppose abortion, know what the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution says, or criticize the President.  (I would post links to a more trustworthy source than Fox or to the document, but right wing paranoia has virtually shut down entire websites.)

I have a suggestion for the first right wing extremist to be arrested: Texas Governor Rick Perry, who only today signed onto a resolution complaining against the federal government’s illegal intrusions into Texas and reaffirming the 10th Amendment.

There you have in a nutshell the Obama administration’s view of the world: Cuba sì, Texas no!

Excuse me—have to run.  There’s a knock at the door.  I wonder who…@#$#$%

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