It Can’t Be Repeated Too Often (Until It Sinks In), Again

It Can’t Be Repeated Too Often (Until It Sinks In), Again by • March 12, 2009 • Printer-friendly

“To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.”  —Orwell

(Things that are known but which Americans do not acknowledge or discuss.)

Ruby Ridge.  Your President George H.W. Bush sent a foreign assassin to murder (from hiding) an American woman standing in the door of her own home holding her baby.

Waco.  Your President Clinton sent a military expedition to incinerate children who were unfortunate enough to be in company of adults who had offended the federal police apparatus.

9/11.  Your federal government, with a $30 billion intelligence budget, could not prevent a bunch of  unarmed felaheen (who should not even have been in the country to begin with) from killing over 3,000 people in our economic capital and destroying part of the military headquarters of our vaunted global empire.

Iraq.  Your President Bush Minor lied to justify a failed war of agression.  He sent the forces into an unnecessary war with inadequate equipment, despite a multibillion-dollar “defense” budget, and without a viable plan.

Many American citizens, probably in the thousands, have been murdered and otherwise victimised by illegal aliens because of your presidents’ deliberate decision not to enforce the laws, in order to put the interests of foreign politicians and domestic rich people over the welfare of citizens.

The Supreme Court and the federal bench for more than a half-century now have been dominated by evil people, unscrupulous petty tyrants, who have subverted the Constitution and laws, protected criminals from punishment, interfered in countless matters that are none of their business, overturned solemn decisions of the majority, and placed unjust burdens upon the people.

Nobody has ever been reprimanded (as far as I know), much less fired or punished for the above.

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