It Can’t Be Repeated Too Often (Until It Sinks In), Cont’d

It Can’t Be Repeated Too Often (Until It Sinks In), Cont’d by • February 10, 2009 • Printer-friendly

The American educational system at every level is an immensely expensive obstacle to culture and learning.

America is not a Christian county.  It is a post-Christian country.

Ex-President Bush is guilty of great crimes and has done his country irreparable damage.  (Although only an insignificant handful of people have noticed.)

By launching a war of choice, Bush has taken our country across a constitutional and moral border.  There is no return.

For the first time in our history, the whole world regards the U.S. with wariness.  (Self-designated righteousness doesn’t make any difference.)

Invite the world, invade the world, in debt to the world.  Is it possible to imagine a more certain program for disaster?

The definition of terrorism is the spilling of innocent blood for political advantage. What governments do more of this than any other?

Bush’s  successor does not have any idea how to solve any of the country’s crises and is not capable of considering any solution that does not first guarantee payoffs to his major constituents—the very rich, the bureaucracy,  and the connected members of minority groups.

No American politician achieves significant power unless he is approved by the bankers and the media.  No one who gains that approval can possibly have any integrity or capacity for genuine statesmanship.

The common trait of nearly all politicians is a degree of psycopathy.  To lie plausibly and without compunction is an innate trait.

All major politicians are captives of the status quo and incapable of doing more than papering over disaster with short-term expedients.

America was not founded as a “nation of immigrants.”  It came into being as many communities of brave settlers and pioneers, who adapted their British law and religion for the use of their free communities. However, America is now a nation of immigrants in the exact sense of the term.

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