Nostradamus I’m Not

“And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth,
and it grieved him at his heart.”
—Genesis 6:6

Clyde N. WilsonIt doesn’t matter, since right or wrong, no one will remember, but here are my predictions for 2008 and after.

Clinton and Obama will be the Democratic nominees for President and V-P, and will be defeated by McCain and Guiliani (or Romney). This campaign will repeat the invariable requirement that at least three of the four leading candidates be from the far northern Yankee fringe of the U.S. The election will be close and it will not really make any difference which ticket wins.

The U.S. will inaugurate further military actions in Muslim territory. There will be some serious disasters to U.S. forces in the midst of sporadic mutinies and command breakdowns. Tactical nuclear weapons will come into play. In response there will be a world-wide coalition of powers against U.S. imperialism. To prevent it from decimating the U.S. economy, China will be ceded (in disguised form) actual control of Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and northern California as a protectorate.

Meanwhile Mexico will gain effective control of Los Angeles, Denver, and Houston and demand transfer of massive amounts of wealth to Mexico in payment for past U.S. offenses and full U.S. benefits for all Mexicans. The U.S. Congress will comply. Elections will be suspended and the Congress will become self-perpetuating. The Supreme Court will agree that this is Constitutional, citing international agreement that human rights are supreme over national laws.

There will be massive street war between black and Hispanic gangs in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, and other cities, and breakdowns in public health, safety, transportation, communications, and food distribution in urban areas. Inflation will be runaway, large amounts of property will be foreclosed and acquired by mostly foreign speculators, and homelessness and poverty will be epidemic. Canada will close its borders against the flood of American refugees, admitting only those with large amounts of capital or rare technical skills.

A mosque will be erected on the Mall in Washington to symbolize American/Islamic friendship. Ex-President George W. Bush, now consultant to the king of Saudi Arabia, will extol this as a move toward the merger of two great religions of peace into one universal world faith under global democracy.

Defeat and invasion will be blamed by the conservative media and Republican party on right-wing, antisemitic, anti-government people who will be alleged to be in alliance with Islamic extremists. To suppress anti-government activity, armed private citizens who have formed neighborhood protection groups will be rounded up and subjected to military tribunals.

Montana and Wyoming will become a Military District with camps for refugees, dissidents, prisoners, unreliable military units, and epidemic victims. Haliburton will run the camps, which will be staffed largely by Chinese police units, Mexican labor, and Pakistani physicians. Able-bodied refugees, male and female, will be conscripted for the new international military force designated for peacekeeping in the U.S. Persistent rumours say that American children are being sent to China for re-education and medical experiments and to Mexican brothels and hunting clubs.

None of these things are impossible on the path of empire.

“War’s terrible because it gives stupidity power over intelligence.”

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