President Obama: Thanks, George

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So Americans have elected another president who is in not in any visible way a real American.

He is from Hawaii and Chicago. From Kenya and Indonesia. From nowhere and everywhere. He‘s “a citizen of the world,” the euphemism for the rootless elites who have slowly captured American politics, culture and business in the last half century.

In these qualities, however, Barack Hussein Obama merely reprises his predecessor, the president from Connecticut and Texas with no more attachment to those places than anywhere else, and whose principal loyalty isn’t to kith and kin or to place, but to power, privilege and a “proposition” called democracy.

George W. Bush abetted the dissolution of our borders, presided over the collapse of manufacturing at home and the dollar abroad and mired the country in a Mesopotamian war we cannot win. The faux Texan bankrupted the country and destroyed its prestige abroad. He is the man most responsible for the elevation of a radical, anti-Christian, anti-American leftist to the presidency. The American people were, Obama rightly said, ready for “change.” Well, they’re going to get it. And as H.L. Mencken said of democracy, they’re going to get it good and hard.

Not that Bush didn’t have help. For eight nightmarish years, he surrounded himself with the neoconservative ideologues who injected their leftist bacillus into domestic and foreign policy vis-à-vis such issues as immigration and Iraq. When these “boat people from the McGovern campaign,” as Pat Buchanan felicitously called them, landed on the shores of “Reagan conservatism,” they not only captured the traditional institutions of the right and the minds of good-hearted evangelical Protestants, but also persuaded the news media they were the true voice of real American conservatives. They weren’t, but that didn’t matter.

As our late friend and neoconologist Sam Francis observed, the neocons suited the leftist media’s needs perfectly. The media and its allies in entertainment and academe care more about transforming American culture and destroying Christianity than greedy Wall Street financiers or whether the United States blows a country or two to smithereens. Which isn’t to say they don’t hate business and the military.

The neocons regard our Christian patrimony with the same contempt as their confreres in the honest left: as something to manipulated, then conquered. They care nothing about the 50 million abortions during the last 30 years. They care nothing about the sexualization of children in schools. They care nothing about the anti-Christian activities of the leftist elites whose approbation they seek. Indeed, like the left, the neocons would destroy the ethnic and Christian roots of this country, and thus have never threatened the left’s control of the media or any of the institutions seized in the 1960s.

Thus did the neocons provide the leftist media with an impotent “conservative” foil. The neocons will not impede the radical left’s gradual transformation of the United States from a real place bound together by faith and family and blood and soil, by a common language and culture, into a “proposition” or creed to which any Earthling can assent. Babble a few Jeffersonian bromides and you’re an American. Unhappily, they seem to have so convinced the American people, evangelicals in particular. The government schools, of course, helped.

But back to the election: The media’s depiction of neocon ideology as real conservatism linked it to the GOP and President Bush, leading to the false conclusion that real conservatism failed. It didn’t. It was never tried. Yet after eight years of media propaganda and disastrous Republican rule, who can blame Americans for thinking it failed and choosing “change?”

So our president-elect is the son of an alcoholic, bigamist Kenyan, the stepson of a ne’er-do-well Indonesian Muslim, the nephew of an illegal immigrant who has evaded deportation, and the half-brother to siblings sprayed across Kenya, one of whom lives in a tin shack. Topping it all off, he is the spawn of a leftist woman’s enthusiastic participation in the radical left’s 40-year social and sexual war against Christendom.

Barack Hussein Obama is the ultimate proposition American. And he’s a bad proposition. The neocons peddle the ideology that created him. George Bush, their errand boy, put him in the White House.

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